Saturday, September 26, 2009

Details On My Absence

I haven't forgotten about this blog, but I don't exactly have the time or emotional state to deal with it at this time. I'm working on some heavy stuff right now, but once it's done with I will be back to my normal blogging self.

That's not to say I won't post at all. I've got my trip to Japan and Taiwan coming soon, so I will be posting an update after my return. But other than really big events, you're not going to see many updates.

Apologies! But bear with me. This will all come to pass.

Doin' the hivvy,


Sunday, September 06, 2009

New York. New Sister.

I'm going to skip formalities and just begin with the wedding.

The wedding was phenomenal. The wedding was gorgeous. The wedding was spectacular. The wedding was amazing. The wedding was everything.

The trip started out with news of Hurricane Danny possibly landing on Long Island on the wedding day. Luckily, the storm never fully developed and remained only a tropical storm. But sure enough, it did hit on the day of the wedding.

On that morning, Ellvin Kelvin treated us groomsmen to breakfast at an amazing place called Maureen's Kitchen. Then it was a hectic day in the rain with pictures and final preparations. But luck of all luck, the rain let up and we were able to get some pictures outside! Best of all, cloudy conditions are ideal for photography lighting. So it was sort of a blessing in disguise.

Then was wedding time or as we called it chaos at the cottage. We were running around trying to get things organized and somehow, with the help of all our cousins, things worked out.

I wish I could say the same about my boutineer. It was first pinned on by my aunt, but at rest position, it was a little tilted outward. Then it was fixed by a family friend. Then it was said that the pin was exposed, so the florist fixed it. But then the officiator of the wedding said it didn't look secure, so she repinned it. Then the florist came back and asked if she had done it and I hesitated and told her someone else tinkered with it, so she repinned it. The officiator saw this happen and questioned if my boutineer was falling and I told her no, but that the florist has final say in how it looks. The officiator snidely remarked, "Well I would have thought secure would be better, but who am I to say?" So I walked away and everyone was asking about my flower because the pin was showing like crazy. Many offered to fix it again, but I would not let anyone touch it because the florist still had final say. Well, that's when the florist came to me and asked again, "Did I do this?"

This time I was ready with my answer, "Yes, you did." She shakes her head with disapproval and removes it and then some random worker from the facility took the flower and said "I'll do it." The random lady tinkers with the flower because it looks like it's dying from being manhandled and suddenly she says "we need another pin. The flower isn't going to stay." That's when I noticed the entire bud was detached from the stem! I was PISSED.

She used my original pin to pin the flower together and then got another pin to attach it to my lapel. And it looked like shit. But at this point, I could not believe everyone trying to help created a fucking disaster. NO ONE TOUCH ME!!!!

Anyway, wedding time. We walked down the aisle and stood by Ellvin Kelvin's side as he said his vows in a beautiful and emotional ceremony. I cried a bit. And as promised, short and sweet, we were back down the aisle and into the cocktail hour.

Let me just comment here about the cocktail hour food. It was just appetizers, but they had 6 or 7 stations of different things! From samosas to fruit to crepes to calamari to a mashed potato bar to open bar! Everyone got full off the hors d'oeuvres.

Wedding party had to leave the cocktail hour early to gather for our grand entrance. We had to quickly think up a dance move as we entered the dining hall. My bridesmaid and I did a little spinning hop thing.

The reception was amazing. We were dancing all throughout and eating so much (they even had an ice cream and flambé bar roll onto the dance floor!). I had a lot of shots of vodka with Ellvin Kelvin's high school and college friends and danced the night away. I was so proud of the family for getting out of their seats and dancing along with us. It was way too much fun. The best part was all of us jumping like crazy to "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas.

The night ended with Ellvin Kelvin and Amazing Grace slow dancing in the center of a giant circle of guests to Coldplay's "Lovers in Japan" while everyone blew bubbles. Completely magical moment to end the breathtaking evening.

Ellvin Kelvin and Amazing Grace sure know how to throw a party. I'm so glad to finally have a sister. Love them sooooooo much!

Pictures to arrive soon.

On cloud nine,