Tuesday, November 30, 2004


You'll find, and I do apologize for misleading ya'll, that there is nothing in this story that is remotely skanky or skankilicious or skanktified as the title suggests. I just like how Skanksgiving sounds. Because it rhymes with, you know, prostitute.

So how was my Skanksgiving? It was okay. It didn't feel like Skanksgiving to be honest because Granny K couldn't join us and therefore, there weren't enough players for a night of Mahjong. So it was a rather quiet night. Oh, there was a little thing called MARIO POWER TENNIS that occupied our time all night and sent us all screaming, but other than that, it was pretty quiet.

I didn't quite go shopping the next day either. The plan was to get up at 5:30am to get to Circuit City by 6:00am when it opened to get some doorbusters, but the ads weren't enticing enough. So instead of sleeping early, I played Metal Gear Solid 3 all night. Ellvin Kelvin got into the game after this really hard sniper boss battle. This game totally kicks ass. It's way better than Metal Gear 2. Just a ton of fun. I'm a little stuck at the moment in the game. I'm trying to beat a boss called The Fury, but he's a little tough.

Speaking of Metal Gear, there's going to be a Metal Gear Solid movie!!! Thank god there's a freakin' god! Now, if only they can get Hugh Jackman to play Solid Snake, I'll be a happy little fella.

I'm getting reeeeally sick of a lot of crap. Firstly, my computer is being a major bitch. After I formatted it (and went through that friggen hell with iTunes), it was supposed to be A-OK for the next year. Hell, it was working better before I formatted the damn thing. Now, it takes at least 4 or 5 times to boot up the piece of crap. Sometimes it freezes on the loading screen. Sometimes the monitor won't turn on. Sometimes it'll make this very loud BO-DOOOO noise and says that it detects something in the A-drive. Yeah, it's my foot up its freakin' ass A-drive!!! Just give me an Apple computer now. Screw these cheap ass PCs.

The other thing that is making me all angry and crap is Charter's internet service. Every night for the past few days, it's been nonexistant. They suck! My father called them up but got a message that all lines were busy. Probably everyone else complaining about their crappy service. If there are too many people connecting to the internet, DEAL WITH IT!!! What did you expect when you offered service to the public? Unsatisfied customer here. Make me happy bitches.

This weekend is all about Angel Wing Jasmine. I'll be hanging with the princess during her power hour (actually its more of a power 55 hours).

Farting with frustration,


Saturday, November 20, 2004

Snake. Why did it have to be Snake?

After anticipating the release of The Incredibles for almost the entire year, I forgot about the other things I was excited to be released.

One of those things was Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty continue to be some of my all-time favorite games. The first one is the best, however, because of its story mainly.

Now, years later, comes the supposedly final installment. I picked it up yesterday and started playing. This time, you are Naked Snake and you have to maneuver through a forest filled with poisonous snakes and frogs (that you have to eat to regain stamina) to bring back some important figure head. And after playing for about 3 hours, I'm stuck. I can't get passed this one part where there are 5 or 6 guards. I used to be so good at these games, but now I'm having trouble stealthing. I think it's the game's fault. Why are you so damn hard???

In other news around the globe, Ellvin Kelvin got back earlier this week and has been doing nothing but catching up on Smallville episodes, playing his Fantasy Football and Basketball, and working out some. Gee, must be freakin' nice to just sit at home and do diddly-squat. How I envy that bastard.

In need of a vacation, pronto,


Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sympathy Please

Did anyone see the Smallville where Lana as a witch put a spell on Lex to never stop playing the piano and when Clark went to visit him, Lex had been playing some classical piece non-stop and the ivory keys were all bloody from his fingers?

That's how I feel right now. Bloody fingers on a bloody keyboard.

For the past few days, my computer had been acting up on me. It would usually take up to 3 tries just to start up properly. Damn Windows PC crap. This happens every year or so. Bottom line is I had to reformat my computer and reinstall EVERYTHING.

That shouldn't be such a big deal since everything can be backed up and easily reinstalled, but when you throw iTunes into the mix... well, it sucks. I've been reading around the net and there really is no way to 100% positively and easily duplicate one iTunes Library (complete with play counts and ratings) to another computer.

The best way I found was to use a program called iPodRip which successfully retrieved my play counts and ratings, but it screwed up all my song names (not all the words are capitalized like I like it).

So I spent 3 hours of my Sunday retyping the song names of my 1700 songs in my iTunes Library. Now my fingers bloody hurt.

Did anyone catch The Simpsons "premiere" today (not counting the Treehouse of Horror)? It had maybe two laughs. Not a strong start, but I have faith.

Angel Wing Jasmine and I are making plans to go to Disneyland (like the glory days) in December. Because I'm embarrassed about my house and how it's really messy and stuff, she's going to get a hotel/ticket deal at the Red Roof Inn right next to the resort. So she's going to stay for 4 days with a park hopper and I will hang out with her for two days (a Saturday and Sunday) where I will buy myself a cheap annual pass. Princess Karlita and I are supposed to go with Erico Suave around Thanksgiving. I'm really excited. I haven't been to the parks since June. I miss this feeling of being excited about Disneyland. I lost it after working there and then having an annual pass and going once every two weeks, but not going there for a long while (yeah, 5 months... big deal) has brought that excited feeling back.

And one last thing. Ellvin Kelvin comes back for Thanksgiving on Wednesday! And Mario Power Tennis rules! And Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater comes out Thursday! And the Iron Giant Special Edition DVD comes out Tuesday!

Thinking about getting a Mac,


Saturday, November 06, 2004

Action and Action!

Ever get asked "What's your favorite movie?"

I get that sometimes and I honestly had no response to it. Because, you know, there are a lot of movies that I consider my favorite. Scream, The Iron Giant, Harry Potter, etc. But I now have the "favorite movie" question answered. And it is by far, hands down, The Incredibles.

It probably comes as no surprise. I've been anticipating and pushing this movie on my blog for a while and I had the highest of high expectations for the film. And really, it exceeded them completely! This movie has it all. Hilarious? Check. Thrilling? Check. Stunning? Check. Emotionally satisfying? Check.

Honestly, I can't remember having this much fun at the movies. Let's see. I'm trying to remember and nope, never had this much fun. I was literally at the edge of my seat lost in the picture. Wait till you see Dash running across the jungle chased by flying robots and how that ends is quite simply astonishing.

The crowd I saw it with helped propel the movie also. You could feel the excitement in the air amongst the crowds of USC, UCLA and Pepperdine students. It was a giant party and was flippin' amazing.

Anyway, I went and bought the soundtrack from the movie yesterday and also stopped by Toys R Us to see what kind of toys they had. I browsed through them and ended up buying two "Incredibiles" (Mr. Incredible's car). Both at $20 each. I'll probably get a bunch of action figures too. I haven't been on a toy frenzy like this since Toy Story came out.

So, to sum everything up. Favorite movie of all time. Must see it again and again really soon. Please let there be a sequel done with Pixar.

In awe,


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Four More Years of B U _ _ S H _ _

Well, I didn't think there was anyone with a lower IQ than Bush, but apparently 51% of the United States population proved me wrong.

I hope those people are all happy with their decision to be ignorant and turn their backs to what this terrible president has done. I hope they like the war and the fact that more and more soldiers will not be coming home. I hope they enjoy the ever increasing gas prices and national debt. I hope they spend their short term tax returns gleefully today since there will be no funds for the future. I sincerely hope we all get through the next four years with our jobs. I'm still in shock that a president whose leadership has lost millions of jobs can spin the info to favor him (1 million more jobs in the past few months!) and PEOPLE EAT IT UP!

I've heard around people saying that we'll have more terrorist attacks if Kerry is in office. Bu**sh**. Can they prove that we are completely safe from terrorist attacks with Bush still in office? NO! Because no matter what we do, we aren't completely safe from attack.

I noticed something during the debates. John Kerry would tell everyone what they wanted to hear. He was hopeful, reassuring the voters that he had "a plan" for just about everything. It was calming. Then there was Bush and Cheney who used scare tactics to frighten people into voting against change. And it worked. Terror does indeed influence people. It works for terrorists too. There's something seriously wrong with that.

Bush said in his speech today that he would work hard to earn the trust and support of those who voted for Kerry. Sure, he had four years to do that. Once a liar, always a liar. Wake me up when it's 2008.

Looking forward to stem cell research and cloning,

Political Joe