Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pattern Saturday

Welcome to the routine. Seems like Saturday is Blog Day for me.

Well, I'll take this opportunity to get something off my chest.

I've been taking a lot of heat for being an Apple computer user and it's all from the same kind of people... PC loving dorks who have never used a Mac. I get pokes calling my iBook a "toy" and that it's not a real computer. Hi, dumbass. It does just about everything a PC can do, but looks and feels twenty times better. Plus, it's forty times easier to use. People think that just because it's easier to use, means it's less powerful. Bullshit. Everything's just more intuitive. The only thing Macs don't do well is games which means nothing to me since I let Nintendo handle that. Computer use is fun and smooth with OS X. Utilizing Expose to easily get around open windows and a wealth of keyboard shortcuts have me flying through my everyday computing with amazing fluidity. These features are things that I can't imagine living without. At work, I hate using that stupid Dell machine because it's slow and Windows is clunky. Yeah, Microsoft will copy Apple with Vista, but I'm content with Apple.

Just the other day, Razor Ramon gave his reason for not liking Apple: "You have to keep buying expensive software." Another perfect example of people not knowing what the heck they're talking about because they refuse to take the time to learn about the alternatives. Sure Apple releases updates to their software packages (iLife each year... OS upgrades every two years), but they aren't forcing me to upgrade. If I want the new features they've added to iPhoto or iMovie, then I'll pay for them. It's no different from other companies, like Adobe. Upgrades equal return buyers. The thing about Microsoft is that they let you sit on their OS until they're incredibly obsolete. Apple upgrades often, keeping up with advancing and innovative technology. Who wouldn't want their software companies to continually improve themselves?

He could have brought up a valid complaint about Apple with their expensive hardware. $150 for their webcam is ridiculous (although it does work very well, easily, and integrated with many programs).

It's stupid really. I'm just trying to live life using a Mac and people who I guess are threatened for some reason or another have to open their mouths and talk down to me. I mean, who the hell is in a position to say which system is better? I for one have used a PC forever (and still do at work) and know for a fact that OS X on Macs is the superior system. That's fact. And unless those PCers step off their high horse for one minute and get to know life on a Mac, they'll never know what their missing. And their opinions will never matter. And they'll continue to be bathed in viruses and spyware (or their equally annoying anti software).

Enjoy your security flaw patches, fools.



Saturday, January 21, 2006

Same Ol' Story

Yet another week goes by and again I've nothing to talk about. No stories in particular. No tales from work. No news on life. No tips o' the week. Just nada.

I suppose I could scrounge up something to chat about.

Let's see. Ah, last week I asked my boss if I could take a week off to go to New York and he happily approved. He said that it's important to take some time off (as long as I'm not looking for another job in New York hehe). And yesterday, I solidified the plans by making flight reservations. We're (Timotei, Samantha Wu, and myself) flying JetBlue late April. We'll be staying with Ellvin Kelvin natch. And we already have tickets to see both Wicked and the brand new Tarzan musical (which features aerial choreography ala Cirque du Soleil). I'm pretty excited about that. I also plan to see the new Wedding Singer musical starring one of my favorite comedians Stephen Lynch.

In other tidbits, I'm about ready to remove my wisdom teef. I'm actually really anxious to get them taken out. They've been irritating the sides of my cheeks and my gums for a while now. I will be requesting that I be gassed so that I won't feel a damn thing.

But, other than those plans, it's just the same old. I'm still playing on my DS furiously. Animal Crossing is still sucking up my time and I just bought Electroplankton, Polarium, Bust-a-Move DS, and Viewtiful Joe. At this rate, I'll probably never play these games. But first things first... I gotta complete the lawyer game!

Needing a jump start,


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Trying to Get my Mitts on Mitzi

So for the past few weeks, I've been completely obsessed and engrossed in Dementia. What's Dementia? Why that would be the name of my town in the DS game Animal Crossing: Wild World.

But it's not only me. Our carpool buddy DJ Smiggles, Timotei, Agent J, and Rionheart have all caught the Animal Crossing bug. And by bug, I don't mean a walker cicada. Har har har.

And you know, I'm so obsessed that I might just stop writing this blog and go play the g

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Yesterday was un otra dia buena or something er-rather.

My awesome manager called me into his office and told me how great a job I'm doing and that, well, they're increasing my salary by 10%. He also said that mid-year, I'll get another bump in pay. My first real raise!

I think I got a cost of living raise at Disneyland from $6.15/hr to $7.29/hr or something.

And after a year from my old job (that my brother is doing now), I got an additional $1/hr.

So yeah, I'm very excited. I think I'll finally buy that digital camcorder that I've been lusting after.

Raising da roof,


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Is This Anyway to Start a New Year?

I had every intention to start the new year off with a new blog; you know, on January first with the hoopla and the hollerin' and the oom-pah-pah, but alas, I didn't have time.

You see, back in December, I won two free tickets to a Laker game on New Year's Day. I decided that Father Routes and Timotei should go since they're big Laker fans. I enjoy watching the Lakers play... when they're in the finals, but I'm not necessarily an avid fan. Anyway, news came on Friday that Kobe wasn't going to be playing because the idiot was suspended, so Father Routes decided not to go (since they were gonna lose anyway). So I ended up taking the ticket.

I wanted to go to our big family New Year's party, but we couldn't let the Premium VIP seats go to waste.

So I went. This was the first time I'd ever been inside Staples Center and although it felt smaller than I pictured, it was still an impressive venue. Very nice that it glows green too.

Well, before the game, Timotei and I pigged out on nachos and sodas and ice cream. The seats were awesome. Center court, not too high up. The only thing that bugged me was this really flaming guy who was yapping to some associates about marketing throughout the entire game.

In the end, the Lakers sucked and they lost. The game was pretty close, but the Lakers were always down like loo-hoo-sers. We stayed until the final 20 seconds and beat most of the traffic out of Staples. Then we raced to the party where people were already leaving. Oh well.

The next day, I woke up at 3pm and watched some movies. I've still got this horrible horrible cough. Mr. Sick just won't seem to let me go, that bitch! I guess being out in the rain didn't help my cold recovery one bit.

Well, I'm really tired.