Monday, November 17, 2008

Random Kingdom Nation #1

I've always wanted this blog not only to have long drawn-out thoughtful passages, but also short random toss-away posts of the weird and ridiculous whateverthings I come across in my everyday life and manage to snap pictures of.

This is the first of one of those posts.

Take a look at the sign below from a local boba shoppe:

Now it takes carelessness to misspell the word "Special." However, it takes pure talent to misspell it twice within the same word!

Unless someone can explain what Sepical Stew is. Perhaps they meant Septical--as in septic tank? That does sound "Yuumy!"

Original G Tea,


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Check 1 2 3 - We Got Traffic on the West Side

I. Am. Pissed.

I tried to get out to The Block in Orange to see Bolt with Erico Suave. However, fires happened.

Suddenly we are surrounded by fires! The whole world is burning before our eyes. And watch, the religious freaks will say that the fires are a result of God's anger towards all the anti-Prop 8 protests.

I went with Erico Suave to help protest Prop 8 last week in Laguna Beach. It felt really good exercising my Freedom of Speech rights. I really wanted to go to a protest today in Los Angeles, but couldn't find anyone to go with.

Not that I would have gotten there anyway with all the freeway closures! Sheesus Cripes!

So I first got stuck trying to get down to my folk's place to drop Timotei off. The 60 freeway was jammed, so we took surface streets-- along with everyone else and their mom. It took about an hour.

Then, with the 57 freeway shut down due to Brea fires, I attempted to go up Fullerton Road all the way into Brea and then into Orange.

But it took me 40 minutes to drive about 2 miles towards Fullerton Road. Once I had the street in sight, of course it was backed up. So I tried to jump ahead by going parallel to Fullerton and then cut across Colima Road. But that street was even more jammed. Realizing that I would be sitting on that street for another 40 minutes before even starting my way up Fullerton (which was even uglier), I surrendered. I called up Erico Suave and cancelled plans and drove to the folks' home.

And then I had trouble cancelling my online purchase. I told them that I could not get to the theater if I tried because of all the freeway closures and the fire. They told me that in order to cancel online ticket orders, I had to present my credit card in person at the theater. WHAT THE FIRE???

I bitched at them and after being passed up two levels of management, some lady said that she could try to credit my account by phone. Of course, she was able to, if you can charge over the phone you can refund. Stupid shitches! I will never buy from again. If they hadn't refunded me my $13.50, I would have bitched to AMC Corporate anyway and they would have done whatever to make me happy. I would have won either way, so I wasn't worried. But the gall. Go down to the theater to process a refund... such a retarded rule. And I hate using the word retarded. But it was seriously retarded.

Oh well, I can do a P90X workout now.

Calming down and relaxing,


Thursday, November 06, 2008


It was a busy time, the past 6 days.

Firstly: Hollow Weenie
Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Barack'd! The event was fun and scary. Not sure if it was because it was Halloween night and that people would rather dress up than go to a theme park, or maybe because it was a Friday evening, or maybe it was because it was supposed to rain that night, but the park was not crowded at all.

We went through all the mazes. The most impressive maze for me was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre maze. It was the only one that was hands-down terrifying. The maze itself looked just like entering the house from the movie. And to have this huge chainsaw-wielding leather-faced maniac jump out from every corner really gets the blood pumping. But the Freddy Krueger and Jason mazes were awesome too! There's a part in the Nightmare on Elm Street maze where a giant stroller sits in a room. Then suddenly a strobe light goes off and Freddy Krueger's finger-knives are inches from your face. Really cool. I hope to make this an annual event!

Secondamundo: Steals Mannequin
On the day of the Jack's Mannequin concert, I wasn't really feeling like going to the concert after all. I generally get this feeling that I'm way too old for these kinds of things. Just seeing all the kids at these events makes me feel really old. But in the end, I'm glad I went.

As always, I was running late. When we got down to the pit, well, we couldn't get into the pit because it was packed to seemingly capacity. We had to settle behind people standing on the stairs that led to the pit. I hate being stuck behind people who don't get into the show. They just stand there and block the way. They kill the vibe. And that's exactly who we were stuck behind; people who were content standing elevated on the stairs and not letting anyone through. And don't even get me started on the fucking annoying ass couple in front of me. Girl was obviously dating the guy for his cash because he was ugggggggers and a huge geek!

But right as Jack's Mannequin started playing, the crowd in the pit lurched forward as always happens, and Rionheart forced his way through the stair-crowders. MEG, Agent J, and I latched onto him and zoomed into the pit! We landed behind a group of short chicks, so our view was AWESOME!

And the concert was awesome too! JM played most of their songs from their first album and new album and also, as a surprise, Something Corporate's "Cavanaugh Park!" Yeah, the entire thing Barack'd!

Thirdriht: Barack'd the Vote!
Woot! Woot! We did it! I can't believe it's been 4 years since I wrote this rant about Bush winning a second term. After reading through what I had written (I honestly don't remember writing that stuff), it's kind of scary how much of it came true. Of course, I'm not quite so sure that John Kerry would have been such a great choice, thinking back. At the time, yes, anyone would have been better than Bush. But it's interesting. If Kerry had been elected, we wouldn't be here today with our first black president. And the feelings of hope in the air, it's just so damn refreshing. I love it. We even got a cake to celebrate!

Hopefully I don't look back on this post and think, oops. I feel pretty confident that Obama will do us good. I mean, when we are so down low in the crapper, there's only one way to go-- UP!

The best thing about the election being over... Sarah Palin's hyper-psycho-religious candy ass can take a hike back to Alaska! Don't come back you uneducated dumbass bitch!