Sunday, September 15, 2013

Birth Days

It's hard to pick out when I should write one of these. I suppose I can give a brief update right now since I'm feeling lazy about preparing dinner for date night with Greg. So here goes!

My birthday came and went last month and this year I had a celebration of the internet of sorts. It was called "It's All About Meme: Ricky Mar's 32nd 'Constant Facebook Notification Day' Party." I was trying to cut back on having to decorate my place so much since I don't have the time I used to have in previous years. So I decided to make my guests the decoration! My costume was the ERMAHGERD GERSBERMS girl. It's the first time I've ever worn a girl's wig and I honestly did not like it. Long hair is just not for me. I also created a retainer out of a paperclip and orthodontic wax and wore that all evening. The big thing about the party was my drink challenge. It was called the Stumblr BuzzedFeed challenge and required guests to drink six themed drinks. They were 1) ERMAHGERD!! PERNK DRERNK!! 2) Sugar Crush 3) #FML 4) YOLO (You Obviously Love Oreos) 5) The Duck Face 6) 2 Girls 1 Cup. Finishing each drink unlocked a badge that I designed and once guests were done with all six, they unlocked the coveted stumblr badge! Fun times!

Also in the past few weeks Tim and I completed the Dumbo Double Dare runDisney challenge. We ran the Disneyland 10K on Saturday and the Disneyland Half Marathon on the following day. It was tough, but a lot of fun. I dressed as Paperman for the 10K and a Pink Elephant on Parade for the half marathon. Long sleeves for the sake of a costume in a blazingly dry heat sucked! Greg came out to support me for the half marathon and we got to play in the parks for the rest of the day!

At the end of July I joined the family in Long Island to welcome baby Tanley Isla Mar to the family! She was born on July 30, 2013. Super cute! I'm a little embarrassed I didn't give her a dedicated blog entry heralding her birth like I did for Peytan. She's fantastic though and I can't wait to get to know her!

On the trip I finally gave Peytan her birthday gift. I wrote a children's book for her starring her and her dog! It's called Peytan and the Green Gibbon. She loved it and reads it often! I can't wait to do the same for Tanley. Took a lot of time to complete, but so worth all the hard work.

Things at work are bad right now. It's very much like being in hell. I need to get out sooner rather than later. I've been looking around for careers and decided to start at Disney first because they are my dream company. Hopefully I'll be able to provide an update on my professional life soon.

In the meantime, my personal life is great! Things with Greg are fantastic and I'm so happy with him. He's blending into my family and friends quite well. :) This is us in Monterey, CA.

Okay that's the quick update. Till next time.