Saturday, May 19, 2007

YouTube Boob

I'm such a dork. I've bought into the YouTube craze. Sure I use it to host my video blogs (I know, there've been like only two, maybe one). But I mainly use it to present the world with Ouendan/Elite Beat Agent videos. While I was browsing videos for Ouendan, I noticed that no one was showing the hilarious "miss" moments. Everyone just wanted to showcase their perfect S-ranks and such. Realizing I am not the best Ouendan player (my unhealthy philosophy is that there's always someone better than you at something), I opted to take the unique approach and showcase my forced assumed sucktitude.

As I was doing these videos, I realized that it's really tough to get each "miss" sequence and still pass the level. But in doing these, I've been commended on my skills. It's great.

After posting a few videos, I started gaining subscribers and now I'm trapped into doing these until my hands falls off. But it's fun doing them because I love the games so much and it's refreshing reading the comments (most of them appreciative).

Anyway, Ouendan 2 just came out this past Thursday. It's awesome. And here are some videos from my YouTube account:



Thursday, May 17, 2007

Little Girl, Big Dump

Just a really quick story. I left work early today for a dentist appointment. I had to go directly from the train station, so when I arrived, I had to take a leak. The receptionist pointed me toward the bathroom, but it was occupado. So I waited. Four minutes later, a tiny asian girlie came out of the room. She had to have been around Chello Bellow's age.

I walked into the bathroom and OH DEAR LORD IT REEKED TO THE HOLIEST OF UNHOLY HELL! This girl must have had the nastiest diarrhea (more on how I know it was diarrhea later). When I shut the door, I had to take deep breaths into my shirt, but the smell was so bad, it wafted right through the fibers. I lifted the toilet seat to tinkle and on the bottom of the seat, WAS THIS HUGE DROPLET OF LIQUID BROWN!!! Oh my landlord, it was horrible. I took the quickest piss and ran out of there.

Then I proceeded to text Timotei about my encounter and endured the dentist.

Little girls need to cut down on the prunes. I know they're delicious and all, but really. Really.



Sunday, May 13, 2007


Check out a happy Mother Routes at work.

Actually she was only really happy at the fact that she got flowers at work from Timotei and me, but the ProFlowers we sent her were anything but elegant. These flowers were terrible! Think of the last withering bouquet on a 99¢ Store shelf. You know, the loner last flower set that would be personified in a movie about finding one's true home; The Brave Butt Ugly Little Bouquet. A bouquet that only Phoebe Buffet from Friends would love because it's neglected. That was stuffed into a box and UPSed to my mom. And when she saw them, they were bruised and brown and wilting and looking dry and lifeless as ever. (You can't really tell from the camera phone picture, but trust me; they were fugly.)

So I sent them a letter and here's what it said:

This was my first time ordering flowers online and I have to say it is probably my last. When they arrived, I could not believe how lifeless the flowers were. Most of the roses had brown bruises on them. Many petals had shriveled up. In general, the bouquet looked beat up. Suffice it to say, it was not what I expected from your beautifully posed pictures. These are flowers that would be left behind on a store shelf because NO ONE would buy them.

Hoping they were just water starved, we set them in water and flower food, trimmed their stems, and waited till this morning to see if they'd bloom. The flowers opened up some, but look as bad as yesterday and are beginning to limp.

Just wanted to let you know that I am not pleased with the product I purchased. The convenience was great, but that is useless if the product is terrible. This is especially disappointing after hearing numerous radio commercials claiming that you use the freshest flowers from the field.

Those radio commercials were from Hasbeen Bonaduce. What a freakin' shill.

Well, in what had to have been less than 10 minutes, they responded. And the news was good! They apologized profusely for my disappointment and offered to send me a replacement bouquet. Bad news was, they wouldn't be able to send it till Tuesday, so it misses Mother's Day, but I guess that's okay. I'm just glad because I had really felt I wasted $40 on crappy roses.

For the replacement, I avoided the roses and opted for an assorted bunch. This seems like it'd be impossible to screw up. However, maybe since it's right after Mother's Day, there won't be any flowers left! We'll see how it turns out. If it's good, I'll definitely clear up my feelings towards ProFlowers. But one thing's for sure, their customer service rocks.

Making potpourri,


Friday, May 11, 2007

Week in Review

I've been away for so long, not necessarily anywhere, just away somewhere. Many times I've sat down to write one of these, only to walk away with nothing on paper. But this time is different because, well, I've handcuffed myself to this chair and swallowed the key.

Story The First:
We went to the worst (and I don't want to say "worst" because describing a wedding banquet as such is very rude, but better words escape me at the moment) wedding banquet last weekend. It was for Mother Routes's cousin, so I didn't know them. Now karaoke at a party can be fun, but not at a chinese banquet. We were seated off to the side under the giant speakers and as distant relatives sang (many times off-key) chinese chant songs, we was going deaf! Really, we could not hear each other even when yelling. Aunts and Uncles were stuffing napkins in their ears. It was terrible and lasted throughout the entire meal. When we finally left, we shook hands with the bride and groom- only to find out while walking to the car that the groom was drunk and had puked behind the restaurant. Smelly hand.

Story The Second:
I love my new cellphone - Samsung u740. This is the first phone I've had that I truly loved. All my previous phones were freebies whereas this one cost me a cool $140. I'm not saying that all free phones are garbage. It's just that they're usually basic, behind-the-times models. And for a gadget freaky enthusiast like me, that ain't'nt cut it.

So this phone is awesome. It's a dual flip design; standard phone mode and sideways landscape mode for widescreen text viewing. It's got a full QWERTY keypad for easy texting. It takes 1.3 megapixel photos and really crappy video. It plays .mp3s. It's got a tip calculator! I cannot stop fiddling around with it. I've already figured out how to make my own ringtones (I'm currently on a Zelda theme) and convert videos for pixelated phone viewing. It's a nice alternative to the iPhone which I can't get until they come to Verizon.

Story The Third:
Spiders have been invading my room lately. I thought I had the situation handled when I plugged in a vermin deterrent. Yet now I'm finding a lot of those buggers on my ceiling.

Story The Fourth:
Work is going pretty well. I'm definitely an important part of the department now. The project I lead was introduced and is a pretty big hit (interest wise). I'm heading up another mini project right now.

Story The Fifth:
After maybe 10 years or whatever, I finally get to go on vacation with the family! Really, I've missed all the family outings the past several years due to school or work. But not this time! We're all headed to New York for Ellvin Kelvin's graduation!

Story The Sixth:
On the television front, LOST rules again. It's been so great. Scrubs is still good, but been a bit off this season. 24 sucks. It's so interesting how things can suddenly flip [much like my new phone].

Story The Seventh:
I can't wait to see Ratatouille. It looks awesome. I want to do a midnight show.

Story The Eighth:
I do not agree with Maxim's Hot 100 #1. Lindsay Freakin' Lohan can suck a stemcell fetus.

Out of Stories,