Saturday, December 31, 2011


Tonight we say goodbye to 2011. A year that flew by entirely too fast. Or maybe I just don't remember most of it because of all the drinking that had happened.

I wanted to say on here as a reminder to myself what a life changing year this has been. Or at least the very start of my life change or my life in general.

This year I fully moved out to Hollywood, CA. With tremendous help from my parents who just want me to be as happy as I can be, I bought a place that overlooks the freakin' Hollywood sign. It's there when I wash dishes!

I didn't know anyone moving out here, but luckily it was a new building so everyone was new. So it felt like the college orientation meet and greet I never got as a commuter. I made friends with many in the building with my closest neighbors being Wally and Jose.

Through Jose I met Andrija and for probably 5 months straight we've been hitting the bars/clubs every weekend. He's moving to New York in a couple of weeks, which sucks, but we will stay friends and it gives me an extra excuse to visit the east coast!

Not much happened in the dating department, though I did go on two dates with a movie producer; the son of the guy who wrote Braveheart and directed The Secretariat. But after two dates things never amounted to anything and we mutually didn't call each other back. I guess he wasn't that "EXCEPTIONALLLL!"

This year I ran my first half marathon. It might be my last, but I am seriously considering running the inaugural Hollywood Half Marathon. It has a cool medal! Chelsey and I did the Disneyland Half Marathon in 3 hours flat, though we did take a lengthy bathroom break in there somewhere, so I know we ran it in less time.

I turned 30 this year! And I ushered my new adultdom in with a bitchin' Harry Potter party with just about everyone I love. It was such a hit that I am now considering doing a huge birthday party for myself every year.

I got a promotion at work. I went from Competitive Analyst to Product Support Director. The job is tough and doesn't pay more, but I work for my friend Michael and he's great and looks after me.

I became an uncle! I can't blog enough about how much I love Peytan! I can't wait to see her grow up and talk to her about her days and whatnot. I'm so proud.

This year though was tough for Grandma K. Her health has slipped and she required constant care. It was especially hard on my mom and aunts and uncles.

Despite some hardships, this year has been amazing. I feel like I've known my new neighbor friends for forever, yet it's only been a year. Looking forward to more good times down the road. Also looking forward to spending some more quality time with my old friends. And of course I envision myself flying out to New York quite often, with gifts!

So long 2011. You were good to me.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Xmas Sound Off

It's been a while since I've last blogged. But at this very moment I'm riding shotgun in the car on the way to Selena and Simon's house for Xmas party number 2 and I find myself with time to unload the old noggin.


Sorry. Holiday drivers..

Anyway what's been up? I have recently gotten full fledged into How I Met Your Mother. And I am so looking for my own Ted Mosby or Marshall Ericson. The show is so sweet and romantic.

I got a Kindle Touch from Tim and Mike Wong for Xmas and I've been pouring through The Hunger Games! So addicting.

I can't wait till next week when I spend New Years Eve with my neighbors. I've really gotten to know Jose, Wally, and Andrija this year.

And lastly I've been recently chatting with a new guy from OKcupid. I see possible sparks here so let's see where this goes!!