Wednesday, April 21, 2004

More Than Just Crap in the Los Angeles River

Yesterday while coming home from work, mi madre y yo saw the weirdest thing going down in the LA river. We saw a helicopter and two cops chasing a pimpmobile type car... it was amazingly bizarre. The helicopter flew under the bridges and stuff! There were some other people with cars and skaters standing around as the cops gave chase. Our train was going too slow, so we couldn't see what happened, but we did catch the aftermath.

When we got down to the other end of the river, the helicopter had touched down and one of the cop cars was spun around and in the disgusting water. The car that they were chasing was driving back towards the 1/4 submerged 5-0. And there was some guy taking pictures.

It had to have been a movie shoot, because it was way too Hollywood. But we didn't see any cameras, so maybe it was just a test run?

Anyway, it was cool seeing a helicopter fly that nutsily under bridges.


Work is fine. I got the iPod working and it's awesome! I love it. I'm still working on a better name for it. It's temp name is "Bender."

BTW, it's Princess Karlita's birthday today! If you see her, wish her fun!




Sunday, April 11, 2004

It's a Damn Mile Long Hike to Agent J's New Room

Serious exaggerations to follow!

Yesterday we helped Agent J's family move into their brand spankin' new house!

My god. There were some heavy boxes and furnature to get into that house. A narrow stairway leads upstairs to Agent J's room and after taking 10 boxes up there (FULL OF BOOKS!) you start realizing how Ray Garraty felt in "The Long Walk."

I'm so sore right now, but that feeling feels good, so I'm not whining too much. But with only two days for myself (in a workman's exsistence), I'm saddened that one day was spent doing extra hard work. But it was cool.

In cooler news, my iPod order is all sent out. Yesterday I spent the time in my head thinking of what to engrave on the back of it (because it comes free if you order now). It was a hard decision, but I finally picked the right thing to put. And... yes, it's a Rufio quote.

Trudging still,



Thursday, April 08, 2004

A Long Blog

Actually not long at all.

Just want to mention that I finished "The Long Walk" today. It was my book-for-the-train book and it was pretty good. Actually I liked it more than I let on because it had a lot of good conversation in the book and a lot of interesting situations during the walk. It didn't pan out as I had hoped in my last blog entry. It was a straight forward book that kept with the Walkers till the gruesome end. But I think I liked it this way. It was more of a psychological story rather than an action adventure (as it would have been if the Walkers rebelled).

Anyway, I do recommend it however. I think Stephen King captures the right mood that all the characters face in the book. And the things they talk about are really fascinating and depressing, but interesting to say the least. It's a rather shocking and mature book and I think it's a metaphor for life/growing old in general.

Now I need a new book. And I'm getting tickets to plenty of musical shows coming to LA so I'm pretty stressed right now... but pumped!

Trudging on,



Sunday, April 04, 2004


Hey! It's 444. That's awesome! Kinda reminds me of when my little baby cousin pronounced my cousin Jennifer's name: Fer-fer-fer.

Nothing going on. I'm missing a bunch of movies I want to see because of lack of people to see it with.

And I'm reading this really depressing book by Stephen King called "The Long Walk."

It's about a marathon competition where teens walk and walk and if they don't maintain a 3 mph pace, then they get warnings. And after three warnings, they lose and are executed. Kinda like "hey, what if on a gameshow, the losing contestants were killed?" Yeah, so it's really depressing and I hope it isn't as straight forward as it seems right now. I hope we don't just go along with the contestants as they march to the finish. I hope something happens, like they rebel against the enforcers of the game because they realize they don't want to die.

Anyway, it's a pretty old book, so I'm sure some of you have read it.


Not looking forward to work tomorrow,