Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I Knew I Hated Simon Cowell

So I watched that god awful and annoyingly slow show last week and this week (Cupid) so that I could see myself at the beach and what do they show? A minute of beach footage. Let's see. They spent forever digging in the sand (while we were behind the cameraman) and then they looked at dolphins. Then they cut to them drying off after swimming in the ocean. Great. Just great. That's when we would have gotten on TV. But no, this show is racist against Indians and Asians.

Oh well, good riddens to that. I don't have to watch that dreck any longer. Now if only I can find that damn X Games commercial we're in.

In other news, yesterday I spent the evening watching K-mart in her variety show performance. It was nice. Make sure you check out the coverage.

After the thing, we walked to Denny's where Razor Ramon was treating us all to dinner. And thank God because I hadn't eaten ANYTHING all day. Well because everyone and their moms decided to go to Denny's after the show, they were swamped with orders and only one waitress. So, needless to say, we waited about an hour and a half for our food. That sucked. And so did the food!

I wanted the Grand Slam but with hashbrowns. In the past, I've been told to just get a Grand Slam Slugger because that is a Grand Slam with a side of hashbrowns. But when my order came, I got toast instead. Big Fat SUCK IT!

Anyway, I'm totally in love with rocking out to the new Eve6 album. It's amazingly awesome.

Stocking my self help bookshelf,



Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Say It With Me Now... WTF?

Okay, so the Guest Blogster feature didn't go too well. Give me a break. I was bored and tired and didn't want to type anything.

Let's see. What is new.

Well, I'm just about done with getting my autographs from the Moto X all stars at DCA. All I need is Drake McElroy and Trey Deane, then I'm done. But alas, Angel Wing Jasmine must return to Agrabah for 2 weeks so I've got no one to go with. Any takers?

I'm trying to write my resumé (that I've been putting off), but I have absolutely nothing to put on the damn thing! It easily takes up only half a page. Someone just hire me already. I'll work for free as long as you can give a good word.

I also have jury duty come a week from yesterday. I hate this country, I swear. Who cares if we gotta be all patriotic and supportive right now... screw this country and its jury duty!

We're also having a party this weekend for Ellvin Kelvin. It's his going away party. And although I really wanted barbeque skewers, we're not. Instead, we're gonna have the next best thing: Marinated and grilled chicken and beef strips (otherwise known as skewers minus the sticks).

So come on down if you know the address. We're gonna have great food, great soda, and great -uh...

Still thinking of anything great we'll have to no avail,


Guest Blogster: S-Dawg

hey, i went too my imaginary school where i found out i can fly and breath underwater.... swimming in the lava was stupid because it burned my hair so now its short and i have to live with it!!!!!! while my little brother is a psychodelic robot who is programed to say "your yummy in my tummy" then kevin took off his shirt to look buff like arnold s. but he had something hanging out of his nose and farted. I was making some animation and then it was slow and fast so no one wanted too watch. so now i sit here doing nothing but type watch j leno and listen to music.... im typing really slow!!!!!!! i have nothing to type so ill finish with pointless facts, such as did u know ducks can be purple instead of yellow. what a improvement. and i can blow up cars if i had know if your still reading this entry you should stop and check out rick's because anythign after this will be pointless and not reallyt help your brain just make your eyes sore all day long until you get watery eyes then blind. im keeping everyone happy by typing....i dont exactly know how but its worth killing half an hour.... did i mention i went swimming in lava and burned my ear hurts man i should have not used something listening to music. well im sleepy i wanna go home and ducks look better in purple and if you dont believe me then check out my site www.duckslookbetterpurplethenyellowduh!!!!.com/purpleduckspicsvsyellowduc kpics its sooo kool if it was real but we all know i live in lala ta land and so noone cares. hmmm i wounder how many words i typed. and i think im getting ricky bored by sitting at his comp typing all my pointless facts.....dont you agree. press- ctrl-alt-delete, then shutdown and you wont read this for a while.....and another thing you can do that only idiots do is go into MS DOS and type format c drive...and i have until 12:10 TO FINISH BEFORE I GET KICKED OFF SO I BETTER KEEP TYPING.......i will win in the end cause im almost a good guy and i will almost win which means i might die but o well. hmmmm im thinking its 12;8 i better hurry. im almost kicked off. hmmm i think ill tell u my life story i was born i lived and i will die one day isnt that kool.......i have 30 secs so ill have to say bye so c ya if i know you.AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keeping insane always,



Sunday, July 27, 2003

Coulda Played Craps

I didn't go to Lake Havasu. I decided to bum it at home. Yup. I'm just livin' the life of a bum with a house.


It turns out that the family went to Reno or whatever, a casino down there and did some gambling. AND I MISSED OUT!!! Ah well, next time.

Anyway, Friday was a weird day. After completing my blogger (below), I started watching Batman: Subzero DVD and almost finished when I got a call from The Debster. Apparently they were headed down to Disneyland to meet up with Oblongs and wanted Cousin Spacey to go, but wanted me to pick her up. So, since I wasn't doing anything that day, I offered to pick her up and drive all the way to Disneyland to meet up with the Oblongs. Well after 90 minutes in the car, we finally got there, only to receive the news that Agent K got sick and they all went home. So that left me and Cousin Spacey to tour the parks alone until the Martini's joined us.

So, we did all the small things that she hadn't done yet, i.e. Playhouse Disney, Aladdin and Jasmine Storytelling, talking to Stitch in Innoventions.

Eventually, the Martini's decided not to come, so it was just us throughout the day. We ate massive amounts of junk food (churro, ice cream, burgers, chicken poppers, sorbet) and only hit a few attractions (Innoventions, Soarin', Screamin'). Overall, it was a fun time.

Entonces, the next day, I had my hopes up that I'd go dirt bike riding in Riverside, but Angel Wing Jasmine's bike is still being work on. So, instead, we decided to buy new rollerblades from Sports Chalet. I got a very nice, bling blingy, Rollerblade brand with ABT braking. It's so nice and feels so smooth riding. I can't wait to hop curbs and jump and skate backwards. I need to learn mad tricks, so I suppose I need a helmet and pads.

We bladed around campus and in a massive parking lot with no cars (it was a Saturday). After that, we hung out at her place for a while, playing PS2 (Freestyle, which I must get now) and randomly dancing to nothing. Fun times.

Then I returned home where I heard strange noises and got the feeling that someone was watching me through the mini blinds.

The family returns home today, so no more spooky nights and finally a real dinner (instead of a smoothie replacement meal).

Forever the master of blading,



Friday, July 25, 2003

Backin' Outta Arizona

How quickly a mind changes.

I don't know why exactly, but I'm just not feeling in the rightest of minds to head down to Arizona this weekend/today. I just finished my Spanish final (by the way, does anyone know who Frida Kohbol is? Or what cortar corbillo means?) and therefore it's only hitting me now that I am OFFICIALLY done with college. Should be getting my sweet sweet diploma in the mail in about 5 months...

Anyway, I'm just really tired, cranky, depressed, indifferent, bored, etc... that I don't feel much like sitting in a car for 6 hours just to sit on a boat for a few hours.

Or maybe it's because I told Angel Wing Jasmine that I'd go dirt bike riding with her this weekend.

Whatever the case, I don't think I'm going to head down to Arizona this weekend. Maybe another time. Or perhaps, and it's happened before, I will change my mind and the next blogger you see will feature my adventures on the lake.

Anyway, right now I'm watching ESPN and waiting for a commercial that Angel Wing Jasmine and I are in, filmed at Disney's California Adventure after a Moto X show. I hate this waiting...

Antsy in the car,



Thursday, July 24, 2003

Final Exam in T-minus 12 hours

So, can someone please tell me how to change the look of my blogger? It's really dull. Or how about how to upload my own banner?

Anyway, I'm less than 12 hours away from my Spanish final and I'm not really fretting at all. I gotta memorize a bunch of vocab words right now and maybe review some forms in grammer.


Well, this weekend I'm heading down to Arizona for a weekend retreat.

That'll give me six hours to listen to my new Eve 6 CD.

And that's all I got for you right now.

Anyone wanna see Spy Kids 3-D?

Thinking twice before I touch your girl,



Friday, July 18, 2003

Cupid Strikes and Simon Cowell Still Sucks

Two updates in the same day, you say???

Yeah I'm pretty shocked myself, but I just gotta post this.

So Angel Wing Jasmine and I went to the beach for a fun filled day.

We first went rollerblading down the pier for an hour. It was really fun.

Then we decided to go boogie boarding, but because it was so cold, we thought we'd just wade around in the water for a bit. When we found our spot, we saw a camera crew filming people building a sand castle. At first glance, I thought it was something for the Travel Channel. It was no biggie. After much deliberation, we jumped in the water and moved out into deep waters. We were jumping waves and having fun.

(Please remember that I haven't gone swimming in over 5 years or so!)

After we were attacked by much seaweed, an hour later, we decided to head back. When we got back to shore, we were immediately approached by an African American fellow. He was carrying a clip board, so I thought he was trying to peddle off some useless products. Fortunately, he said that he was from the show "Cupid" created by Simon Cowell from American Idol. He said that the couple brought their date to Santa Monica beach and that we were in the shot. So we had to sign wavers to let them use us in the show.

What a small world! So even though I hate Simon and hope his show fails, I'll be watching every Wednesday night at 10:00pm until I see myself.

By the way, watching the date was incredibly stereotypical. The couple went out into the ocean and were playing in the waves and talking. To get some juicy date dialogue, a man with a boom mic was forced to brave the waves to get the audio. The daters then swam further out to sea while the mic guy got hammered with waves. Plus, three cameras were filming the couple. It was all so Hollywood.

Okay, that's enough. I had a great time and now I'm tired. So, until next time...

Selling the sunrise in return for a sunset,



I didn't want to post through all of last week because I was terrified of my Thursday presentation, but it was not that bad.

Next week starts the nervous frets all over again when I have my final group presentation on Wednesday and then final exam on Friday.

Then... I'M TRULY DONE!!!

But let's not count our eggs now before they're fertilized.

Angel Wing Jasmine and I went to Disney's California Adventure again yesterday. It was our weekly trip to get more Moto X autographs. I'll have a mini Route on our adventure up soon. What's kinda depressing is that it was Disneyland's birthday yesterday and we didn't even go to Disneyland! Isn't that f-ed up???

Nothing really exciting going on at the parks until Tower of Terror opens. Then, after I get bored of that, who knows.

On a nerdy note, I just saw some other guy's blogger and he had pictures on it. I wonder how he did that...

Okay, it's off to the beach today for some rollerblading, kite flying, boogie boarding fun. See you down in Santa Monica if you're there!

Ripe for a sunburn,



Monday, July 14, 2003

Holy frijoles!

Wow, I'm already letting this blogger thing slide.

Okay time for an update. I am almost done with Spanish class. Right now, I'm really just focusing on completing this thing. I still have my presentation to do this Thursday and I couldn't be shotting more bricks. I'm worried to say the least.

And here's a detail you don't wanna hear... Every morning right before class, I find that I have to take an enormous dump. So during class, I'm always shifting in my seat.

But anyway!

This weekend was about as unproductive as a mule on a changing table.

I helped my dad on Saturday at the apartments. We grouted bathroom tiles. I hope to never get that close to a poop chute again (especially in the heat. It stinks like a mule on a changing table). Anyway let me tell you that grouting looks like more fun on Trading Spaces than it really is in real life. Plus, it was heating up in that damn bathroom.

Then on Sunday, we had a crab party at Lisa's. My mom made 20 pounds of crab and we all had a crackin'ly good time. But not I, for I had 2 papers to write for spanish. Curse my procrastinatory ways.

Anyway, I be too hot to think or do anything right now. Maybe I'll head to the beach with a friend.

Dehydrated in not that high temperatures,



Thursday, July 10, 2003

Okay, let me explainar,

Tuesday night, I was scrambling to study for a midterm. There were so many vocab words that I decided to make flash cards. I haven't made flash cards since high school!

Anyway, that's why I had that sudden outburst. Had to study, felt stressed, ended up getting 140.5/150 points. Go figure eh? But I always panic before an exam. It's just human nature.

Only two more weeks of Spanish left. This is how it breaks down. I get through one presentation next Thursday and I'm home free. All that's left is the final, but the tests have proved remarkably easy. I'm really understanding this spanish stuff moreso now than back in high school.

In other news, I went to the X games Xperience again and this time bought an X games hat for the Moto X athletes to sign. It's gonna look bitchin' after I have all the signatures. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get Ronnie Renner's John Hancock on there because he isn't going to be back, but at least I have his sig on a postcard.

And Pirates of the Caribbean the movie is pretty cool! Sure it's overly long, slow at times, jokes fall flat, but Johnny Depp sure made me a fan of his work. What a great character. So hilarious. And the movie's plot and special effects are top notch.

Now, let me enjoy my weekend, will ya?

Still the worst pirate anyone has ever seen,

"Captain" Ricky


Tuesday, July 08, 2003



Monday, July 07, 2003


It's Monday already. You know, the weekends suck. They seem like they're going too slow when you're doing nothing, but end up passing by like... a bike mounted to a rocket...

Okay, that wasn't a sharp analogy.

But anyway, point being, I hate Mondays more than ever since it's the start of a brand new 4 day week of Spanish class and the longest point till another weekend.

But something I realized today... I don't quite hate Spanish as much as I thought. I mean, I don't love it, but it's kinda fun when you have a great teacher and chat with those next to you. I've got a lot of homework tonight though, so no fun planned today.

Wednesday however, I will be at Disneyland again trying to get some more MotoX autographs and of course, watching Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

No me gusta español,



Saturday, July 05, 2003

Saturday after the 4th. It's pretty boring, isn't it.

I didn't get sunburnt, which is a good thing. Mainly because I stayed under the E-Z up tent, playing Game Boy and eating tons of skewers.

Man, I need to throw a skewer bbq party. Them things are so damn good.

I suppose it's back to doing schoolwork now, since my weekend is almost up. I gotta do a Spanish Composicion and write up what I'm going to say in my presentation that's coming soon.

So, back to reality and I'm sore.

Devouring Tagalong Fudge Ice Cream,


Just test driving this baby!

I really needed a place to put my thoughts. I wanted to join or whatever that site is, but you have to be invited by existing users which is extremely retarded. I guess they just lost a free thinking user. That's what you get when you're dumb.

Anyway, let's see what this site has got!

Okay, I don't know what I'm doing!!!