Sunday, July 27, 2003

Coulda Played Craps

I didn't go to Lake Havasu. I decided to bum it at home. Yup. I'm just livin' the life of a bum with a house.


It turns out that the family went to Reno or whatever, a casino down there and did some gambling. AND I MISSED OUT!!! Ah well, next time.

Anyway, Friday was a weird day. After completing my blogger (below), I started watching Batman: Subzero DVD and almost finished when I got a call from The Debster. Apparently they were headed down to Disneyland to meet up with Oblongs and wanted Cousin Spacey to go, but wanted me to pick her up. So, since I wasn't doing anything that day, I offered to pick her up and drive all the way to Disneyland to meet up with the Oblongs. Well after 90 minutes in the car, we finally got there, only to receive the news that Agent K got sick and they all went home. So that left me and Cousin Spacey to tour the parks alone until the Martini's joined us.

So, we did all the small things that she hadn't done yet, i.e. Playhouse Disney, Aladdin and Jasmine Storytelling, talking to Stitch in Innoventions.

Eventually, the Martini's decided not to come, so it was just us throughout the day. We ate massive amounts of junk food (churro, ice cream, burgers, chicken poppers, sorbet) and only hit a few attractions (Innoventions, Soarin', Screamin'). Overall, it was a fun time.

Entonces, the next day, I had my hopes up that I'd go dirt bike riding in Riverside, but Angel Wing Jasmine's bike is still being work on. So, instead, we decided to buy new rollerblades from Sports Chalet. I got a very nice, bling blingy, Rollerblade brand with ABT braking. It's so nice and feels so smooth riding. I can't wait to hop curbs and jump and skate backwards. I need to learn mad tricks, so I suppose I need a helmet and pads.

We bladed around campus and in a massive parking lot with no cars (it was a Saturday). After that, we hung out at her place for a while, playing PS2 (Freestyle, which I must get now) and randomly dancing to nothing. Fun times.

Then I returned home where I heard strange noises and got the feeling that someone was watching me through the mini blinds.

The family returns home today, so no more spooky nights and finally a real dinner (instead of a smoothie replacement meal).

Forever the master of blading,