Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Guest Blogster: S-Dawg

hey, i went too my imaginary school where i found out i can fly and breath underwater.... swimming in the lava was stupid because it burned my hair so now its short and i have to live with it!!!!!! while my little brother is a psychodelic robot who is programed to say "your yummy in my tummy" then kevin took off his shirt to look buff like arnold s. but he had something hanging out of his nose and farted. I was making some animation and then it was slow and fast so no one wanted too watch. so now i sit here doing nothing but type watch j leno and listen to music.... im typing really slow!!!!!!! i have nothing to type so ill finish with pointless facts, such as did u know ducks can be purple instead of yellow. what a improvement. and i can blow up cars if i had explosives....you know if your still reading this entry you should stop and check out rick's because anythign after this will be pointless and not reallyt help your brain just make your eyes sore all day long until you get watery eyes then blind. im keeping everyone happy by typing....i dont exactly know how but its worth killing half an hour.... did i mention i went swimming in lava and burned my hair.....my ear hurts man i should have not used something listening to music. well im sleepy i wanna go home and ducks look better in purple and if you dont believe me then check out my site www.duckslookbetterpurplethenyellowduh!!!!.com/purpleduckspicsvsyellowduc kpics its sooo kool if it was real but we all know i live in lala ta land and so noone cares. hmmm i wounder how many words i typed. and i think im getting ricky bored by sitting at his comp typing all my pointless facts.....dont you agree. press- ctrl-alt-delete, then shutdown and you wont read this for a while.....and another thing you can do that only idiots do is go into MS DOS and type format c drive...and i have until 12:10 TO FINISH BEFORE I GET KICKED OFF SO I BETTER KEEP TYPING.......i will win in the end cause im almost a good guy and i will almost win which means i might die but o well. hmmmm im thinking its 12;8 i better hurry. im almost kicked off. hmmm i think ill tell u my life story i was born i lived and i will die one day isnt that kool.......i have 30 secs so ill have to say bye so c ya if i know you.AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keeping insane always,