Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Say It With Me Now... WTF?

Okay, so the Guest Blogster feature didn't go too well. Give me a break. I was bored and tired and didn't want to type anything.

Let's see. What is new.

Well, I'm just about done with getting my autographs from the Moto X all stars at DCA. All I need is Drake McElroy and Trey Deane, then I'm done. But alas, Angel Wing Jasmine must return to Agrabah for 2 weeks so I've got no one to go with. Any takers?

I'm trying to write my resumé (that I've been putting off), but I have absolutely nothing to put on the damn thing! It easily takes up only half a page. Someone just hire me already. I'll work for free as long as you can give a good word.

I also have jury duty come a week from yesterday. I hate this country, I swear. Who cares if we gotta be all patriotic and supportive right now... screw this country and its jury duty!

We're also having a party this weekend for Ellvin Kelvin. It's his going away party. And although I really wanted barbeque skewers, we're not. Instead, we're gonna have the next best thing: Marinated and grilled chicken and beef strips (otherwise known as skewers minus the sticks).

So come on down if you know the address. We're gonna have great food, great soda, and great -uh...

Still thinking of anything great we'll have to no avail,