Friday, February 27, 2004

Father's Day

Today we celebrated Father Routes' glorious birth...

The day started when I woke up and had a piece of toast. Actually, I had two chinese bow bows (breads) and a slice of Swiss Roll cake and a yogurt. I was trying out a new pull up work out to improve my grip and strengthen my back when Mother Routes called me from work and asked me to secretly buy a cake for Father Routes.

I drove off to Baskin Robbins just in time to share the shop with a bunch of retarded, hyper, annoying high schoolers. I looked for any cake that had Cookies and Cream. I was trying to find a white cake, but had to go with chocolate forcibly. I paid for the cake and hid it in the freezer. When my parental units got home, Mother Routes and I snuck the cake over to the Oblong's house in a box (disguised as "games for the kids").

We ate dinner and then had cake. Not many people were there (I thought there were gonna be more, so I bought a BIG cake), so we got to eat as big a slice as we wanted. I ate two. It was damn good!

We still have half the cake left, so we brought it home and now I have breakfast set for the next three days.

Today, I finished Digital Fortress. It was nicely paced and interesting, but a lot of the characters pissed the hell out of me. There aren't that many likable characters in the story. There are many points in the book that lag completely and I just skimmed because it got frustrating. And sometimes the main character is a complete idiot. She doesn't see the most obvious of happenings when they occur; and she's supposed to be incredibly smart. But it had a great enough twist and enough fast paced action to keep me drawn through the story.

One thing though: Dan Brown's books all feel the same. If anyone has read these books, I think they know what I'm talking about. I don't wanna say why this is because it will ruin the stories for everyone, but I hope he approaches his next novel differently. I mean, the books are still good, but it gets a little too predictable after a while.

Tomorrow, I may go to Disneyland with my cousins. We'll see though.

Drawing on my hand,



Friday, February 20, 2004

Invading Nevada

The short, somewhat spontaneous trip to Vegas to celebrate Erico Suave's birthday came and went quickly.

Erico Suave, MacArthur, Mrs. Suave, and I left on the 18th for the windy city of Las Vegas. It was very windy. But first, Mrs. Suave got a speeding ticket from a jerkass of a Barstow cop. I'm sure it was due to racial profiling or some jazz.

Anyway, we stayed at the Monte Carlo, which I always saw as a really expensive resort. Well, it was pretty affordable and looks very high class. It was nice.

It was my very first time gambling. I first tried the slots and it was pretty bogus. I'd lose my cash/credits faster than David Faustino's career plunge. So I tried my hand at the black jack tables. After a few tips from the nice dealer and an old wise smoking lady, I was on a roll. There was a point when I had around $80 in chips (from an initial $20 bill). But my luck soon waned and I didn't know when to walk away. So I finally lost most of it and just took away $25.

Then I tried slots again and was on a roll there too. But again, I didn't know when to stop and lost all of my 200 quarter credits.

We then went to see the Cirque show Zumanity. It was very different from all the other Cirque shows. First of all, it featured naked performers! It was like Cirque had a child with a Las Vegas floozy. The acts were hot though. Two naked chicks doing tricks in a giant glass goblet with water... a school girl doing hoola hoops in the air... a strip show on a television. Two of the acts were straight up strip shows. They were cool, but not really up to Cirque standards. There were less acrobatic acts and more of the glitzy Las Vegas glamour. Still a good show though and pretty cheap.

Back to gambling, I tried my luck again and lost all my money.

So my luck didn't pan out this trip, but hopefully it'll improve in future visits. Ellvin Kelvin will be teaching me how to play craps so I can play that next time around.

On my way out though, I took the toilet paper from the hotel room, two pens, and a cookie from the buffet! Take that Vegas! You thieving vixen!

P.S. My Route coverage of the Vegas trip is already up at my website. Check it out!

Cashing out always with zero,



Monday, February 16, 2004

Finally! An Update on The Routes!

You may not care, but it's a relief that I finally got around to updating the big site! I actually had the Route, WDW picture update, 90% complete two weeks ago. I wrote out the story and uploaded the pictures, but I decided to hold off on 10 extra pictures I had to reprint off of Erico Suave's negatives. That took a total of a week to process and pick up. But now it's all done. Check it out here.

I'll have another update by the end of this week. A simple Highlight of the Vegas trip in T-minus 2 days.

In other news, I finished Howl's Moving Castle this morning. Funny thing about that book. I thought it was going to be a straight forward children's fantasy story like Alice in Wonderland, but as I progressed through the book, characters were fully fleshed out, events that seemed minor eariler in the book turned out to be major happenings, and it had layer upon layer in a complex story. But it was really enjoyable. I really liked the book. And I'm not much into fantasy novels (unless it's Harry Potter). I'll probably read it again to fully understand everything that happened because I'm still confused about a few of the story elements. But, I did the next best thing. I gave the book to K-mart to read and then we'll discuss it when she's done.

So, now I'm on to reading Digital Fortress. This book will take me a while.

And one final story. I was taking a poopie early this morning (okay, it was at 2pm) and I didn't have my contact lenses on at the time. I look at the floor and see a huge black dot moving towards the toilet. So I freak out and grab the only thing I could really reach... the roll of toilet paper. But instead of being brave and taking a few sheets and smashing it, I took the whole roll and smashed it over the spider. It didn't work. The little dot kept moving nearer. So I smashed it again, this time harder and with a crushing twist of the wrist.

So there it stood, smashed into the Charmin roll, leaking its brownish fluid and fossilized into the paper. It was gross. What can I say though... I'm a wuss when it comes to spiders.

Killing Wizard Howl's spiders,



Saturday, February 14, 2004

Where in the World is RickyRoutes?

Just some news to drop. I know I still don't have the Walt Disney World Route posted (still waiting on a couple of pictures, but it's just about ready to launch), but I've got plans coming up...

Firstly, Erico Suave's birthday is next Wednesday... so in honor of that, we're going to Las Vegas baby! My first time gambling! When I was under 21, I always told myself that I'd go to Vegas right after I turn 21, but no one would go with me (okay, people were willing, but plans never materialized... till now). Hooray! I'll have a Highlights picture up from Vegas and of course a nifty trip report in the form of a blog.

We're staying at the Monte Carlo and also seeing Zumanity (Cirque du Soleil) while down there. Hopefully I can win big and leave this wretched boring life for good! Just kidding.

Also, Ellvin Kelvin suggested out of the blue that I visit him during his spring break so he can show me around New York. So, I asked my parents and they were happy to send me. So I'll be spending a week down there early March and you can bet I'll be taking massive pictures while there (with a digital camera this time so the picture-to-Route turnaround time won't be very long).

In other news, I bought the rest of Dan Brown's novels Digital Fortress and Deception Point. I'll be reading those as soon as I'm done with Howl's Moving Castle.

And lastly, today is Ellvin Kelvin's birthday!!! Wish him happy birthday if you see him!

It's also Granny M's chinese birthday! Wish her happy birthday if you see her!

And it's Valentine's Day! Happy that people.

Looking for a new album to listen to,



Monday, February 09, 2004

Boredom 2 - The Sequel of My Life

Interesting how things work out... or perhaps don't work out.

So today I was subjected to driving and long periods of nothingness.

I took Mother Routes to her annual doctor check-up. So that was three hours of sitting and waiting and moving offices and sitting and waiting and moving offices and standing and waiting and waiting and waiting...


It was okay though because I had Howl's Moving Castle to read. The book so far is a really sweet story, but I'm finding the fantasy element of the book hard to read. The same thing happened with The Phantom Tollbooth.

Eh, I'll finish it soon. It isn't very long, but the chapters are. After reading Dan Brown books and Big Fish, I'm so used to quick and concise chapters. I'll deal.

Then, while I was relaxing at the computer, coping with my 4 hours of sleep the night before... I got a call from Father Routes. Turns out that his car died somewhere near Irvine and he needed me to pick him up. So I drove all the way down there and after getting lost a few times, I finally found him standing with his business partner Antonio.

Well... it so turns out that they were headed to a business meeting/lecture/presentation somewhere in Corona and I was being dragged to it. So when we got there, it was very awkward eating dinner at a stranger's house, but I was a gentleman. Then we started the presentation and it turns out that it so happens to be a big recruitment campaign for a pyramid business thing where we'd have to sell some herbal supplements (or buy and use and spread the word) and easily earn big bucks. Sound too good to be true?

Four hours later, after the lecture became focused around me (being a Business graduate and a young entrepreneur) I was hoping so hard that we'd end it already and finally we did. I don't know if I buy what they were saying. Sure they're rich and stuff, but it just seemed like something fishy was going on. So I don't think it's right to get involved with this thing, but whatever my dad whatever.

So yeah, quite possibly the saddest, most uneventfully dull, wasteful days I've ever lived.

...and waiting...



Thursday, February 05, 2004

Less Relaxing -- More Taxi-ing

Hola mis amigos.

Today I spent the morning as a veritable taxi cab. Mother Routes took the day off of work today to help my aunt, Oh Suzanna, out around the house. So I was the taxi cab that drove her to my aunt's house. Then we picked up Oh Suzanna's mother-in-law so that she could have lunch with us. Then I took her mother-in-law back home later in the day... thus, a taxi cab. It was no problem though. I was happy to help.

Before I left there to hang out with friends, I helped harvest some oranges and lemons from Oh Suzanna's trees in the backyard. While trying to cut an out-of-reach orange down with scissors, I caught my pinky between the two handle sides and pinched it hard. A bubble formed on the end of my finger and started to fill with blood. It feels weird. Very hurty. I was whining about it for a while, but decided to tuf it out. Between you and me though, I'm still whining.

In other news, I'm just about done with Angels & Demons. I just have the denouement left to read and it looks like there's one final twist coming. The book was full force intensity from the beginning, but somewhere near the end of the second act, the flow tapered off. It was probably just a dead point in the book, but it seemed like the writing got sloppy or wouldn't get to the point and that made me really annoyed to read through it. But after those couple of chapters and a night's rest, it got good again. (It was probably just my mood yesterday night. I was feeling a bit antsy and annoyed by Celebrity Mole... this season is just terrible!) But the book is still really really nicely written, intense as hell, and "unputdownable."

And finally, I have my WDW pictures developed, but I'm holding off on posting them till I get a few reprints developed from Erico Suave's film negatives. So, it's coming. It's coming.

Charging you a metered per-word rate on these blogs,

Gnop├╝kindabak Ricky


Wednesday, February 04, 2004

"If God Didn't Want People Eating in Church, He Would Have Made Gluttony a Sin"

Real quick story of a lunch gone terribly well...

I was driving home from Riverside today after picking up my diploma and decided I wanted a much-craved chicken quesadilla from Rubios Baja Grill. I remember eating the $6 quesadilla during college and thinking it was the most delicously well spent $6 ever. Maybe I was just really hungry back then...

So I pull into the Rubios and go in. I was really hungry, but really wanted the quesadilla. So I figured I'd get something else along with it. Two fish taco combo? Too much. I'd just settle for an extra burrito to fill the lunch void. After the cashier totaled the full $10 meal, I forgot that I needed a drink to wash it all down. He said he'd just give me the drink, but he forgot instantaneously.

When the food came, I realized that it was a LOT of food. A business woman sitting at a nearby table watched with a weird look on her face as I passed and sat down behind her; as if she were thinking, What a fatty. I decided I could eat it all (including the chips). Anything is edible when doused with salsa. Fresh salsa.

So I tackled the burrito first. Muy bueno! Very very good! No-- Great! It was really good. And green salsa is also very delicious. After, I was feeling kind of fullish, NOT foolish for buying all the food. Then I started taking in some chips, but immediately realized I was filling up on useless chips.

So then I began to consume the long-awaited quesadilla con pollo. On first bite, it tasted kinda funny and also smelled weird. Like the chicken had been grilled too long and thus had a burned taste. The smell was that of dog food. Seriously. But I'm not Mexican so what do I know? When I got to the third quesadilla slice (of four), it really (and pardon my language) tasted like sh**! TOTAL SH**! Like I stuck a piece of cow dung in my mouth, chewed on it, got some stuck in my teeth, and then realized I was eating crap. It was NASTY. I still convinced myself that it was just a little burned, but one particular bite was just way too much for me and I spit it out. I quickly crammed the rest of the pedo queso down my throat and the aftertaste was absolutely disgusting. I needed a drink to wash down the taste, but damn that cashier!!! I ate some chips, but that didn't work.

I got up quickly and went down towards Starbucks to get a drink, but stopped at the new smoothie place to see what they had. A mango smoothie caught my attention, so I went in and got it. It was pretty good! I'll be going there more often now.

So that's the end. The moral of the story is that I ate 2 full meals at Rubios and a "meal-replacement" smoothie... ALL FOR LUNCH!

I'll be writing my next blog from the toilet.

Preparing to poop out the poop flavored chicken,