Friday, February 27, 2004

Father's Day

Today we celebrated Father Routes' glorious birth...

The day started when I woke up and had a piece of toast. Actually, I had two chinese bow bows (breads) and a slice of Swiss Roll cake and a yogurt. I was trying out a new pull up work out to improve my grip and strengthen my back when Mother Routes called me from work and asked me to secretly buy a cake for Father Routes.

I drove off to Baskin Robbins just in time to share the shop with a bunch of retarded, hyper, annoying high schoolers. I looked for any cake that had Cookies and Cream. I was trying to find a white cake, but had to go with chocolate forcibly. I paid for the cake and hid it in the freezer. When my parental units got home, Mother Routes and I snuck the cake over to the Oblong's house in a box (disguised as "games for the kids").

We ate dinner and then had cake. Not many people were there (I thought there were gonna be more, so I bought a BIG cake), so we got to eat as big a slice as we wanted. I ate two. It was damn good!

We still have half the cake left, so we brought it home and now I have breakfast set for the next three days.

Today, I finished Digital Fortress. It was nicely paced and interesting, but a lot of the characters pissed the hell out of me. There aren't that many likable characters in the story. There are many points in the book that lag completely and I just skimmed because it got frustrating. And sometimes the main character is a complete idiot. She doesn't see the most obvious of happenings when they occur; and she's supposed to be incredibly smart. But it had a great enough twist and enough fast paced action to keep me drawn through the story.

One thing though: Dan Brown's books all feel the same. If anyone has read these books, I think they know what I'm talking about. I don't wanna say why this is because it will ruin the stories for everyone, but I hope he approaches his next novel differently. I mean, the books are still good, but it gets a little too predictable after a while.

Tomorrow, I may go to Disneyland with my cousins. We'll see though.

Drawing on my hand,