Friday, February 20, 2004

Invading Nevada

The short, somewhat spontaneous trip to Vegas to celebrate Erico Suave's birthday came and went quickly.

Erico Suave, MacArthur, Mrs. Suave, and I left on the 18th for the windy city of Las Vegas. It was very windy. But first, Mrs. Suave got a speeding ticket from a jerkass of a Barstow cop. I'm sure it was due to racial profiling or some jazz.

Anyway, we stayed at the Monte Carlo, which I always saw as a really expensive resort. Well, it was pretty affordable and looks very high class. It was nice.

It was my very first time gambling. I first tried the slots and it was pretty bogus. I'd lose my cash/credits faster than David Faustino's career plunge. So I tried my hand at the black jack tables. After a few tips from the nice dealer and an old wise smoking lady, I was on a roll. There was a point when I had around $80 in chips (from an initial $20 bill). But my luck soon waned and I didn't know when to walk away. So I finally lost most of it and just took away $25.

Then I tried slots again and was on a roll there too. But again, I didn't know when to stop and lost all of my 200 quarter credits.

We then went to see the Cirque show Zumanity. It was very different from all the other Cirque shows. First of all, it featured naked performers! It was like Cirque had a child with a Las Vegas floozy. The acts were hot though. Two naked chicks doing tricks in a giant glass goblet with water... a school girl doing hoola hoops in the air... a strip show on a television. Two of the acts were straight up strip shows. They were cool, but not really up to Cirque standards. There were less acrobatic acts and more of the glitzy Las Vegas glamour. Still a good show though and pretty cheap.

Back to gambling, I tried my luck again and lost all my money.

So my luck didn't pan out this trip, but hopefully it'll improve in future visits. Ellvin Kelvin will be teaching me how to play craps so I can play that next time around.

On my way out though, I took the toilet paper from the hotel room, two pens, and a cookie from the buffet! Take that Vegas! You thieving vixen!

P.S. My Route coverage of the Vegas trip is already up at my website. Check it out!

Cashing out always with zero,