Sunday, December 31, 2006

No Ears For New Years

Let me explain the title so I can get that out of the way. For about three months now, my right ear has been clogged. I woke up one morning to this discomfort and it hasn't let up since. I was hoping it would go away naturally after my cold was gone, but it hasn't. I even had to watch the Lion King musical out of one ear. The show was good, but sucked that I couldn't really hear all that well.

Mother Routes has a little earwax scooper that she used to pick my ear. But first we had to drop some Hydrogen Peroxide in my ear to dissolve and moisten some of the wax walls. And MAN, the amount of wax chunks that she pulled out was amazingly disgustular! But there's still more blocking my eardrum, thus the title of this blog. I still can't hear!

Okay, now to things more pressing. Chrismas was great this year! Our second annual Cousins Gift Exchange went off really well. Though we really should make a guessing game out of it. And we also had our second annualish White Elephant. I brought a Spongebob Bubble Bath kit. Em chose it and HATED it. She even flat out told me "RickyRoutes, I don't like your gift" to which I replied, "Too bad. That's the point of White Elephant!"

I know. She's only six or whatever age, but I didn't care. It was Christmas!

I got good things from my friends too. Angel Wing Jasmine sent me a giant family sized umbrella that opens and closes by button push. I've always wanted a giant good umbrella and finally I have it! She also sent me Excite Truck for the Wii and a mystery gift still in the mail. Erico Suave and MacArthur gave me a bunch of Wii stuff! I'll be sporting my Wii sling bag in Florida.

Have I not said anything about Florida? I can't remember if I did or not. Erico Suave, MacArthur, Angel Wing Jasmine (first time!), and I am going at the end of January! It should be a blast!

Today, I'm headed to The Oblong's house for a New Years party which will consist of much Wiiing and DSing and Hawaiian BBQ goodness. I also have to write my traditional yearly wrap up letter to myself, which I got it say I'm getting tired of writing. But I'll keep this tradition alive dammit!

Forced to write,


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Torturing Agent J

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Non-Listless Xmas

So then would it be just a "List Xmas?"

This year's Christmas season, I'm happy. I feel like I've got a spring in my step (and I still haven't completely kicked a cold). I don't know what it is, but I just feel merrier this year; excited for Christmas. In years' past, I've kind of felt this lack of enthusiasm towards Christmas. I think it was due to a lack of gifts at midnight to open (on account of being older). But these days, with a job and earning money and whatnot, I think it's more about giving. And that makes things exciting. I can't wait to see people crack open the gifts we're giving. Plus our second annual Secret Santa and White Elephant spice things up even more.

So at the beginning of this season things didn't look so rosy. But that's the way it always begins. You start out with the ungodly task of creating Christmas lists. And since I'm such a difficult person to shop for (I tend to buy anything I already want), I have to create lists for some of my friends to gift me. Usually our family just hands out money, but this Christmas (and a decision made late in the month of December), we decided to get gifts for most people. 'Tis better to rip open an item, rather than a red envelope.

So Timotei and I set out to get gifts and we did mighty well. Roughly half of our purchases were from online (Amazon mostly), which made things so easy. The rest we found away from malls, like Best Buy and Toys R Us. I can't guarantee everyone will like their gifts, but the thing I love about giving is that they can't say anything bad if they hate it. I love the whole "grin and thank" fakeness. It's what I live for really.

Yesterday we celebrated Xmas with Father Routes' side of the family and I really couldn't have enjoyed myself more. Sure it was essentially the same and we just gathered around the TV and played Wii Sports all night, but I just feel we got closer as a family. Ain't that all warm and cozy?

I've got presents to give! Stop on by.

Ho! Ho! Ho!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Knee Jerk Retraction

It's way late at night and I have work tomorrow and I'm wide awake for reasons I'll explain later. But a couple of thoughts are running through my mind.

I feel that if there is a God, He or She is exercising the "I created you... I can take you away" mantra. Not so much with my life, but just my left knee.

In the past few days, I've felt really wobbly on my left knee. During just the simple act of walking, I'll find myself weak in the left knee and reacting fast to regain my step. I'm like a malfunctioning Asimo robot. Also, on the bus the other day, during the simple act of sitting down, I bashed my left knee into the seat. The thing got bruised and hurt like hell.

Then just tonight, during the simple act of going to the bathroom, I tripped on my jammies and stumbled forward, hitting my left knee into the door.

Now do you see why I feel God is trying to take away my knee? He/She must want to create some sort of three-legged chicken (that's a crack at my hyper chicken legs). Well, I won't give them up without a fight! These are my legs and my legs only!

And I'm up and fully energized because we went to Starbucks where I ordered a Caramel Mocchiato (spelling?). In fact, I ordered two grande cups for Timotei and me. When the barista presented our order, she made two grande Caramel Fraps. Freakin' cold drinks on a freezing night! Me not wanting to start trouble, just decided to take it and live with it. No one else around us was claiming the drinks, so it must have been ours. I had also second guessed what I ordered.

So right when I took a sip, the barista sets two more drinks on the counter; two grande Caramel Mocchiatos. Fuck! We didn't know what to do. So we just took both drinks each and walked out of the store. No one seemed to be claiming any of the drinks, so we took them. And yes, I drank 3/4 of both of them. The Mocchiato sucked, but the Frap was delicious. But yes, too much coffee!!!

One thing's for sure: we can never show our faces at that Starbucks again.

Bok bok bagok,