Sunday, December 24, 2006

Non-Listless Xmas

So then would it be just a "List Xmas?"

This year's Christmas season, I'm happy. I feel like I've got a spring in my step (and I still haven't completely kicked a cold). I don't know what it is, but I just feel merrier this year; excited for Christmas. In years' past, I've kind of felt this lack of enthusiasm towards Christmas. I think it was due to a lack of gifts at midnight to open (on account of being older). But these days, with a job and earning money and whatnot, I think it's more about giving. And that makes things exciting. I can't wait to see people crack open the gifts we're giving. Plus our second annual Secret Santa and White Elephant spice things up even more.

So at the beginning of this season things didn't look so rosy. But that's the way it always begins. You start out with the ungodly task of creating Christmas lists. And since I'm such a difficult person to shop for (I tend to buy anything I already want), I have to create lists for some of my friends to gift me. Usually our family just hands out money, but this Christmas (and a decision made late in the month of December), we decided to get gifts for most people. 'Tis better to rip open an item, rather than a red envelope.

So Timotei and I set out to get gifts and we did mighty well. Roughly half of our purchases were from online (Amazon mostly), which made things so easy. The rest we found away from malls, like Best Buy and Toys R Us. I can't guarantee everyone will like their gifts, but the thing I love about giving is that they can't say anything bad if they hate it. I love the whole "grin and thank" fakeness. It's what I live for really.

Yesterday we celebrated Xmas with Father Routes' side of the family and I really couldn't have enjoyed myself more. Sure it was essentially the same and we just gathered around the TV and played Wii Sports all night, but I just feel we got closer as a family. Ain't that all warm and cozy?

I've got presents to give! Stop on by.

Ho! Ho! Ho!