Sunday, January 21, 2007

Scrubs Love

Ever since Scrubs premiered, I have been obsessed with it. It's amazing how each episode can make you laugh your ass off and then at the end make you feel good, sad, or make you think.

So when Scrubs announced late last year that they had teamed up with the composers of Avenue Q to write songs for a musical episode, I nearly shat my pants.

They had some very typically-Avenue Q'ish songs like "Guy Love" and "Everything Comes Down to Poo" which I really enjoyed. But when it comes to musical music, I'm more attuned to strong power ballads that I can hum in my head all day and still get chills. The clip below is just that. Recorded on VHS and transferred to iMac with the help of my new camcorder! I still need a name for the little guy.

And now, I must pack for Florida!

Planning for tomorrow,


Monday, January 15, 2007

Forward Motion

A new year and a new toy.

After months of wanting and research for a digital video camcorder, I tossed out everything I learned and bought one of them sons of guns. For the longest time I had been looking at a Panasonic camcorder. The main features I was looking for were widescreen recording, firewire output, and analog to digital output. The Panasonic ones always stood out to me, but only the higher end one had the analog/digital pass through.

With the upcoming trip to Florida, I decided to just buy one already. So at Best Buy today, I saw one that looked good, had a good build, and wasn't too expensive. So after months of researching the Panasonic cam, I suddenly felt that it wasn't such a nice camera. This one from Canon, the Elura 100, just popped out at me. Plus, it had widescreen recording and firewire. I went home to do some quick research and found that it also had the analog thingy. It was meant to be. With a Best Buy coupon, I got the price down to $350 and now it is in my possession! I hope I don't get too much buyer's remorse. After all, it is last year's model.

But anyway, this means that I'll have some nifty videos to spice up this here blog (thanks to YouTube)! It's the natural progression of things... Text > Pictures > Video > Killer Robots



Friday, January 05, 2007

Coulda Been Snowboarding

This is it; the first post of the year. And if things pattern themselves after last year, this is probably the last post of the year.

But seriously, while I sit here warm from the windy weather, I'm just thinking how crappy it is that I didn't go to Mammoth. The Oblongs, The Addams, and whatever I call the Martinez family all went to Mammoth on Thursday with Timotei, Mother Routes, and Nick Burns. I didn't go because of the Florida trip in 17 days. For that trip, I'm taking six days off. I didn't want to ask my boss for more days.

But get this, my boss asked me where Timotei went and I told him. Then my boss shrugged his shoulders at me and asked, "How come you didn't go?"


I could have gone. Oh well. No snowboarding, nor Wink Mafia, nor Camp Koopa, nor Sardines, nor fun party games. But see?! My boss is the freakin' best!

That's okay. I owe it to Link to defeat the evil darkness and save Hyrule.

Keeping it short,