Friday, January 05, 2007

Coulda Been Snowboarding

This is it; the first post of the year. And if things pattern themselves after last year, this is probably the last post of the year.

But seriously, while I sit here warm from the windy weather, I'm just thinking how crappy it is that I didn't go to Mammoth. The Oblongs, The Addams, and whatever I call the Martinez family all went to Mammoth on Thursday with Timotei, Mother Routes, and Nick Burns. I didn't go because of the Florida trip in 17 days. For that trip, I'm taking six days off. I didn't want to ask my boss for more days.

But get this, my boss asked me where Timotei went and I told him. Then my boss shrugged his shoulders at me and asked, "How come you didn't go?"


I could have gone. Oh well. No snowboarding, nor Wink Mafia, nor Camp Koopa, nor Sardines, nor fun party games. But see?! My boss is the freakin' best!

That's okay. I owe it to Link to defeat the evil darkness and save Hyrule.

Keeping it short,