Friday, June 25, 2004

Holy Schmolholics Anonymous! It's my 100th Blog!

Or so says my blog service. Yup, just rechecked. This is entry number 100.

Just got a few things to chalk about, if I may have a word. Yesterday at work was the first time I've had alcohol on the job! Well... here's how it goes...

It was my co-worker's 20th or so anniversary, so she gets to take the whole department to lunch. She chose this very cool but pricey Mexican restaurant called La Golondrina at Olvera Street (I hope I'm spelling all this right).

Okay, so the company pays for $200 of the bill. The rest has to be made up by the diners. So, since the bill is usually just split evenly between the number of folks eating, you have to get your fair share. If you're offered a drink, take it. If you just get a water, you're gonna pay for a drink anyway.

A whole mess of us went; a whoppin' party of 19. That's only a little over $10 per person. So anyway, I ordered chicken fajitas (not pronounced fa-jeeeeee-tahs) and then the question of whether anyone wanted a margarita was raised. A bunch of us did, so we got three pitchers ($28 each).

It was pretty weird drinking in front of my boss and his boss and all the bosses on the floor, but whatever. It wasn't as if I was taking 3 shots of Crown Royale. So I drank the small glass that was poured for me and it was pretty lame. It was all frosty ice and very little alcohol. But it was fun.

Fast-forward to today... we got the bill for the remaining amount for the luncheon. Turns out, they decided to only bill the margaritas to those who DRANK it!!! They didn't charge those who got a soft drink beverage though. That bit.

So I was tied for the most expensive lunch. That sucks!

But I'm over it because, guess what. It's the friggen' weekend!!!

One last note, working in Los Angeles has given me a greater boldness for trying hole-in-the-wall food outlets. Before LA, I was always too afraid to try little random food places around town, so I never did. But in LA, and especially since there are barely any food eateries around where I work, I've learned that the best stuff come from holey's! Without a second thought, I tried this Japanese restaurant right next to my house and it turned out to have great great food! I can't wait to try other places that are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from a bloated belly.

Kidding myself about the diet,



Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Still Working... Still

I just got word today that I'll be working in Los Angeles till the end of August. The job is pretty kick back and all, but it's kinda getting on my nerves now. Well, the fact that it's always the same, every time... I've come to the conclusion that I can never be satisfied by any one job. Oh well, I'll just shut up and do the work. Hey, I sure could use the money as always. I'm really digging the iPod minis...! : )

This afternoon leaving work, we took the subway. Now, you may or may not remember that I raved about the Los Angeles subway system. Anyway, I don't know if I just don't remember how dingy and urine-soaked the New York subways are, but the Los Angeles stations and trains have gone to the crapper. There are more homeless folks hanging around the stations and overall, it just feels a lot dirtier. I still enjoy riding the subway and would love for them to expand it greatly, but where are those cops on Segways I saw the first time patrolling?

This Sunday continues the barely reviewed "Summer of Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun" (or whatever I called it earlier). A bunch of us will be seeing the show Thoroughly Modern Millie at the Ahmanson. I really don't know what to expect... I guess just something really classy and entertaining. Ellvin Kelvin saw the show in New York and said it was really good, so I decided on seeing it. Also, my uncle was up for a role in the show, but I guess it didn't pan out as well as we had hoped. Next time...

I won't waste anymore of your time. That is, until next week when you read this boring thing again. I have to go to sleep anyway.




Wednesday, June 16, 2004

It's Been a Bad Day. Another Bad Day. And All I Wanna Do is Grab Some Food and Eat it All Day.

Some things have been down in the dumps lately. Why? I dunno. Things for some reason or another are going bad for a few friends around me. And add to that, I'm pretty bored and pissed at the same time. And I don't know why really.

But I guess things will work themselves out in due time. Wish you guys all the best.

In other news, Father's Day is this weekend. I'm not exactly sure which day it is, but there will be a party. I hope there's an ice cream cake *hint hint*.

Oh! And I'm on my very first diet. Yeah, I've been eating a wee bit unhealthy lately. Okay, let's face it. Ever since I got this job, I've been eating a ton of crap. Donuts every week, big lunches, snacks, candy, food food food galore! I think I've been gaining weight, but I thought I'd take some preventive measures before I actually popped my belly.

So yesterday, I actually established the fact that I'm on a diet. That made today my actual first diet day. Let's just say it didn't turn out so well. You see, I have a low tolerance for not eating whatever the hell I want. I just don't have the Punky Power. So today, even though I remained strong as I passed up the day-old donuts, I did eat a chinese tamale, Udon noodle soup, some teriyaki chicken, two California rolls, shrimp tempura, two white chunk macadamia nut cookies, tuna salad, tofu, veggies, and a mess of M&M's. Oh well. Maybe I'll behave better tamale.




Monday, June 07, 2004

I Catalogue These Blogs Now

So, Timotei and I went to the Dashboard Confessional concert today. It was pretty fun.

The first opening band was The Format, who played for a whole 10 minutes! We barely caught their set, but from what I heard, I'm glad we missed it.

The next group was The Get Up Kids who were really good, surprisingly. The lead singer was, ironically, this oldish looking overweightish guy. Just thought that was weird. But they rocked.

Then came Thrice. Just about everyone came to the concert for them. The crowd went nuts. It was the worst looking (or most painful looking) mosh pit I've ever seen. It seriously looked like some sort of brain hemorrhage on crack; the kids were crazy. Thrice was awesome. It was funny because their music is really yelly and hardcore, yet between songs, he would address the crowd with "We just want everyone to have a good time. Thank you so much for supporting us. Please help each other up if someone falls. Come to our charity gig next month." They were really nice, which was freakin' cool. They're on my iPod now.

And finally Dashboard came. They were really really great. They played a whole mess of songs from all their albums. I didn't get to hear "A Plain Morning" though which was kinda disappointing, but they played an extremely long set, so it was well worth it. The way their concerts work is a lot safer and arguably more enjoyable to attend. Since their music doesn't really warrant brutal insane behavior, everyone kinda just stands around and sings along. I really wish I knew the songs better because I wanted to go down there and sing my lungs out with everyone else, but I'm still a little rusty with their tunes (from Swiss Army Romance and Places...).

So anyway, that was that. I have a new Dashboard t-shirt from the concert. I learned my lesson when I failed to get that Rufio shirt I wanted, so I snatched up a shirt at the beginning of the night.

Work is well and we're finalizing our plans for the Florida trip this week. This makes numba three baba!

Sorry for the dull update. I realize many of you don't give a crap, but oh well.

Seizing the day,



Thursday, June 03, 2004

Ah, Sooooo Sowwy

Okay, I feel bad. Real bad.

I have been holding off on writing another one of these because, well, because I guess it's too hot? Or I just didn't have the time? Or because I didn't have the patience to really sit down and write one when I could be doing something else with my precious time off?

My precious time off.

Anyway, things have been well at work. It just feels routine right now. Always the same, but tolerable. It sometimes feels like work and sometimes doesn't and I just cope with it.

Let's see... anything off the top of my head?

My Disneyland annual passport is expiring soon and I don't think I'm going to renew it this year. Tower of Terror is fun and all, but I just don't think I'll be going to the resort much often anymore with Angel Wing Jasmine moving back up north after graduating college. I don't go much anymore at the moment either, so I think I'll just spend the money elsewhere. Of course, I'll probably just buy a new pass when the 50th Anniversary comes along.

Tomorrow is the big Harry Potter day! My favorite of the Potter books because it's so damn satisfying (the action, the twists, the ending). I'm going with Erico Suave and MacArthur. And because I get to go home from work early on Fridays now (throughout the summer), we get to see an early showing! Man, I can't wait.

Also, this weekend are the Tony awards. I have never seen a Tony awards ceremony because I never really cared about the shows that won awards, but this year Avenue Q and Wicked are nominated and performing! You gotta watch because the numbers they're doing are gonna be great. Sunday night.

I guess that's it. I thought I had more stuff to talk about, but I guess I was wrong.

Check back to my website. I'm trying to come up with more Poster Spoofs to make.

Running for freedom,

Ricky Strong