Monday, June 07, 2004

I Catalogue These Blogs Now

So, Timotei and I went to the Dashboard Confessional concert today. It was pretty fun.

The first opening band was The Format, who played for a whole 10 minutes! We barely caught their set, but from what I heard, I'm glad we missed it.

The next group was The Get Up Kids who were really good, surprisingly. The lead singer was, ironically, this oldish looking overweightish guy. Just thought that was weird. But they rocked.

Then came Thrice. Just about everyone came to the concert for them. The crowd went nuts. It was the worst looking (or most painful looking) mosh pit I've ever seen. It seriously looked like some sort of brain hemorrhage on crack; the kids were crazy. Thrice was awesome. It was funny because their music is really yelly and hardcore, yet between songs, he would address the crowd with "We just want everyone to have a good time. Thank you so much for supporting us. Please help each other up if someone falls. Come to our charity gig next month." They were really nice, which was freakin' cool. They're on my iPod now.

And finally Dashboard came. They were really really great. They played a whole mess of songs from all their albums. I didn't get to hear "A Plain Morning" though which was kinda disappointing, but they played an extremely long set, so it was well worth it. The way their concerts work is a lot safer and arguably more enjoyable to attend. Since their music doesn't really warrant brutal insane behavior, everyone kinda just stands around and sings along. I really wish I knew the songs better because I wanted to go down there and sing my lungs out with everyone else, but I'm still a little rusty with their tunes (from Swiss Army Romance and Places...).

So anyway, that was that. I have a new Dashboard t-shirt from the concert. I learned my lesson when I failed to get that Rufio shirt I wanted, so I snatched up a shirt at the beginning of the night.

Work is well and we're finalizing our plans for the Florida trip this week. This makes numba three baba!

Sorry for the dull update. I realize many of you don't give a crap, but oh well.

Seizing the day,