Friday, November 16, 2007


Rather than go into an entire paragraph on why I've let my blog slide into oblivion, I figured I'll spare you the excuses and just say "Yip."

But much must be said. Remember that house we put a deposit down on? Well, we're moving right along down the process just dandily. I got a note that said construction on the house has officially begun. We've got an appointment with our Loan Officer tomorrow. And the day before Thanksgiving, we get to choose our options and upgrades.

I'm excited, but it truly hasn't stuck that I'm buying a house. Maybe after my savings account is purged, then it'll hit me. But for now, we'll just gleefully swim through the motions, in and out of escrow, and through the front door of Hogwarts.

Well what'd you expect? Everything else in my life is named after Harry Potter things. Why should my new house be any different?



Friday, November 02, 2007

Cell Phone Stalkage

Last week I got a text message from a number I'd never seen before. It read:


followed by

Hey whats up lol

Wanting to know who it was, I texted back:

Who is this?

My default signature bears my name.

A few seconds later, I received this:

Wtf whos ricky?

I didn't like this bitch's tone at all, so I replied:

Consider yourself banned.

I then accessed the Block/Unblock feature on my phone, entered the person's phone number, and clicked "Okay". Exactly 4 seconds later, I received this from Verizon:

Your request was not processed. The command is not enabled or the address is not in your blocked list.

I hate when things don't just work! So now I found myself in a conundrum. I had to successfully block the number before receiving another text or else my plan would have died in vain.

But no, because Verizon sucks. Not long after, I received this from the stalker:

Its joy lol
Its joy-___-

Piece of crap! In hoping this Joy person would just quit texting me, I quit acknowledging her texts by not responding. And that worked... till a few days ago. On Halloween, I received another text:

Hi david lol let me borrow your hat haha

At this point, I realized that I should just straight up say that she's got the wrong person. As much as I think my name would be cool if it were David, I had to just tell it to her head on apply directly to the forehead.

So I texted back You have the wrong number. There is no David at this number.

And it came as a semi-shock when I received Liar -_- as a response. So really peeved now, but still keeping my cool, I told her even more straight up:

Listen, please stop texting this number. You have the wrong person.

And to my relief, she sent me two beautiful words: Ok sorry

The bitch was gone and what a loser too.

Free of pests,