Sunday, January 31, 2010

One for One Slash Ten

Where does a whole month go?

Thirty-one days pass and this is my first blog post of two-thousand and ten.

I thought I'd talk about my new year's resolution as I watch Roger Federer dominate this Australian Open Men's Final at two AM.

Since going back and rejoining a gym (Twenty-four Hour Fitness) last November, I've been very good in going just about everyday. With the gym on the way home from the train station after work, I really have no excuse not to go. And I'm in a groove where I'm excited to go and lift weights everyday.

The results have been pretty good in two months time. Weight hasn't been affected much, but only because I'm burning fat and gaining muscle. My shoulders have been responding very well and are becoming broader and thicker. My chest and back have gotten more defined. There's finally some definition in my legs. But my best results have been my arms where I've broken the fifteen inch line and going strong. I've actually gotten the most compliments from friends and coworkers about my arms.

This all relates back to my new year's resolution. I resolve to be more open about my body. Now that may sound vain, but I've always had insecurity issues with being seen without a shirt. Back when I was a kid in gymnastics, even though I had a great six-pack, I didn't want people gawking and staring. But since then, I've lost the six-pack and I had felt that people still expected me to have it, which made the spare tire around my waist even more shameful. It shut me in and made me always shy to go shirtless.

And even though I've been working out and am in good shape at the moment, I still have this spare tire that's hard to shed. But one of my friends helped me out of my shell by telling me that I didn't have to be perfect and that I looked very good just the way I was.

So yeah, this is a big deal for me. Come this summer, I'll probably never put on a shirt if I stick to my resolution.

Part of this played into today where I agreed to model some shots for my good friend Kookie Tee. She needed subjects to further her interest in becoming a professional photographer and so Erico Suave, Smiles McGeeyama, and I were there for her. And it was a lot of fun! Though I have to admit to it being a lot tougher than I thought. In trying to make a sexy looking face, I ended up just frowning. I gotta loosen up, breathe, and be more natural. But I think I did okay for my first time. Can't wait to see the results because I think we did some really cool stuff.

Sans shirt,