Saturday, April 28, 2007

Anything Just to See You

Seriously, who would have thought there was anybody on Earth besides myself who still knew what Third Eye Blind was.

That's the set up and now here's the kicker.

It thrilled my wittle heart when I finally got a piece of useful spam from Ticketmaster (my most hated rival) proclaiming "Don't miss Third Eye Blind"!

"Hoily shit!" I yelped. Hoily because my T-zone runoff was trickling into my eyes. Of course I wouldn't miss my favorite band from my teens. Actually, Third Eye Blind happened to be my very first favorite band period. And of course their concert was also a very first. And to this day, I still love their music.

This new tour came out of the Blue and celebrates their 10th year (as a band, I'm guessing). It's sure seemed longer than that.

Okay, so tickets went on sale this past Thursday. The plan was to go down to Downtown Disney and buy tickets after work. But when I got home that night, the last thing I wanted to do was take a drive and deal with the whole Disneyland area. So I put it off till today. Well, I called and they sold out! BAJEBUS!!! I freakin' missed my chance. Honestly, I'm really shocked that it sold out so fast. I had no idea people still cared for the band. But that's awesome in its owe way. It bodes well for a fourth album!

There are two concerts that rank among the best ever in my life. One is the Rufio/Something Corporate/Yellowcard concert at the awesome Bren Events Center in Irvine (would have been better without Yellowcard). The other, of course, was Third Eye Blind who had previously rocked the House of Blues Downtown Disney. God, seriously, they were awesome, and I wanted to replicate that awesomeness. But because of my laziness, I'm SOL.

Well, let this be a lesson for me and anyone else. Don't be a lazy ass. Buy concert tickets!

2 Days Late,


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Fan's Plan

Come June 1st, I may find out that I've taken on more than I can chew.

You see, on the night of June 1st, we be taking off for New York for Ellvin Kelvin's graduation. It's a red eye flight at midnight. Flash backward to earlier this week and yapsap! Rufio, my favoriteous of favorite bands in the favorite, comes back from the dead and decides to do a Farewell show in Pomona on June 1st!


So what is an obsessed fan to do? Hell, I just told everyone that I am going to this concert. Nothing could keep me from it. Although there is one catch. It starts at 8pm and the latest I can leave there is 9:30pm to get home by 10pm to get to the airport in time for the midnight flight. So, if there's an opening act, I'm screwed. I'm hedging my bets (and praying to Pod) that it's only Rufio playing. Please Pod, oh, please please please. If anything though, I'll be snatching up a shirt or two.

So this plan has the potential to go very bad. But seriously, I couldn't live with myself if I didn't at least try to go. The only thing that has me pissed off is that Ticketmaster imposes so much freakin' extra charges that I HATE their asses. Completely. So far as I can help it, I will try my damndest never to buy from Ticketmaster again.

Oh and tomorrow is the Relient K concert! Flug yeah! Mama likes.

Just wasted 74 seconds of your life,


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Worst Stressed List

I'm stressed out right now. There are just too many things going on and many of them are unnecessary and that ain't not good, no?

1. I scooped up another Wicked group order and was given a date sooner than I had ever thought I'd get: July 6. Not remembering that group orders have to pay 90 days in advance, I was taken aback when they requested FULL payment due this Friday! That left me with 4 days to find 50 people to go! Well, I asked anyone I could think of and so far have a good group coming. But Jebus, if I haven't said it before, this (or the next one) should be the last time I handle one of these events.

2. I also have an Avenue Q group order. Deposit is due later this month.

3. The project I'm heading at work is near completion and will be unleashed into the wild very soon. I'm excited, but stressed! There's a lot to cover as we near the release.

4. Taxes! Why can't I just sit down and do them dammit???

5. I woke up yesterday morning and felt FAT. This stress just makes me want to eat.

6. NBC keeps jerking Scrubs around. But that's no surprise.

7. I had major gas after eating Spicy Crab California Rolls yesterday from the cafeteria at work. Seriously, after I finished that last one, I had to have farted every 6.3 seconds.

That's my list. I'm gonna try and defuse it though with some video games (Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Theme Park DS, Star Fox 64) and a new book (Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill).

Making lists and checking them once,