Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Still Working... Still

I just got word today that I'll be working in Los Angeles till the end of August. The job is pretty kick back and all, but it's kinda getting on my nerves now. Well, the fact that it's always the same, every time... I've come to the conclusion that I can never be satisfied by any one job. Oh well, I'll just shut up and do the work. Hey, I sure could use the money as always. I'm really digging the iPod minis...! : )

This afternoon leaving work, we took the subway. Now, you may or may not remember that I raved about the Los Angeles subway system. Anyway, I don't know if I just don't remember how dingy and urine-soaked the New York subways are, but the Los Angeles stations and trains have gone to the crapper. There are more homeless folks hanging around the stations and overall, it just feels a lot dirtier. I still enjoy riding the subway and would love for them to expand it greatly, but where are those cops on Segways I saw the first time patrolling?

This Sunday continues the barely reviewed "Summer of Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun" (or whatever I called it earlier). A bunch of us will be seeing the show Thoroughly Modern Millie at the Ahmanson. I really don't know what to expect... I guess just something really classy and entertaining. Ellvin Kelvin saw the show in New York and said it was really good, so I decided on seeing it. Also, my uncle was up for a role in the show, but I guess it didn't pan out as well as we had hoped. Next time...

I won't waste anymore of your time. That is, until next week when you read this boring thing again. I have to go to sleep anyway.