Friday, June 25, 2004

Holy Schmolholics Anonymous! It's my 100th Blog!

Or so says my blog service. Yup, just rechecked. This is entry number 100.

Just got a few things to chalk about, if I may have a word. Yesterday at work was the first time I've had alcohol on the job! Well... here's how it goes...

It was my co-worker's 20th or so anniversary, so she gets to take the whole department to lunch. She chose this very cool but pricey Mexican restaurant called La Golondrina at Olvera Street (I hope I'm spelling all this right).

Okay, so the company pays for $200 of the bill. The rest has to be made up by the diners. So, since the bill is usually just split evenly between the number of folks eating, you have to get your fair share. If you're offered a drink, take it. If you just get a water, you're gonna pay for a drink anyway.

A whole mess of us went; a whoppin' party of 19. That's only a little over $10 per person. So anyway, I ordered chicken fajitas (not pronounced fa-jeeeeee-tahs) and then the question of whether anyone wanted a margarita was raised. A bunch of us did, so we got three pitchers ($28 each).

It was pretty weird drinking in front of my boss and his boss and all the bosses on the floor, but whatever. It wasn't as if I was taking 3 shots of Crown Royale. So I drank the small glass that was poured for me and it was pretty lame. It was all frosty ice and very little alcohol. But it was fun.

Fast-forward to today... we got the bill for the remaining amount for the luncheon. Turns out, they decided to only bill the margaritas to those who DRANK it!!! They didn't charge those who got a soft drink beverage though. That bit.

So I was tied for the most expensive lunch. That sucks!

But I'm over it because, guess what. It's the friggen' weekend!!!

One last note, working in Los Angeles has given me a greater boldness for trying hole-in-the-wall food outlets. Before LA, I was always too afraid to try little random food places around town, so I never did. But in LA, and especially since there are barely any food eateries around where I work, I've learned that the best stuff come from holey's! Without a second thought, I tried this Japanese restaurant right next to my house and it turned out to have great great food! I can't wait to try other places that are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from a bloated belly.

Kidding myself about the diet,