Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Knee Jerk Retraction

It's way late at night and I have work tomorrow and I'm wide awake for reasons I'll explain later. But a couple of thoughts are running through my mind.

I feel that if there is a God, He or She is exercising the "I created you... I can take you away" mantra. Not so much with my life, but just my left knee.

In the past few days, I've felt really wobbly on my left knee. During just the simple act of walking, I'll find myself weak in the left knee and reacting fast to regain my step. I'm like a malfunctioning Asimo robot. Also, on the bus the other day, during the simple act of sitting down, I bashed my left knee into the seat. The thing got bruised and hurt like hell.

Then just tonight, during the simple act of going to the bathroom, I tripped on my jammies and stumbled forward, hitting my left knee into the door.

Now do you see why I feel God is trying to take away my knee? He/She must want to create some sort of three-legged chicken (that's a crack at my hyper chicken legs). Well, I won't give them up without a fight! These are my legs and my legs only!

And I'm up and fully energized because we went to Starbucks where I ordered a Caramel Mocchiato (spelling?). In fact, I ordered two grande cups for Timotei and me. When the barista presented our order, she made two grande Caramel Fraps. Freakin' cold drinks on a freezing night! Me not wanting to start trouble, just decided to take it and live with it. No one else around us was claiming the drinks, so it must have been ours. I had also second guessed what I ordered.

So right when I took a sip, the barista sets two more drinks on the counter; two grande Caramel Mocchiatos. Fuck! We didn't know what to do. So we just took both drinks each and walked out of the store. No one seemed to be claiming any of the drinks, so we took them. And yes, I drank 3/4 of both of them. The Mocchiato sucked, but the Frap was delicious. But yes, too much coffee!!!

One thing's for sure: we can never show our faces at that Starbucks again.

Bok bok bagok,