Monday, February 09, 2004

Boredom 2 - The Sequel of My Life

Interesting how things work out... or perhaps don't work out.

So today I was subjected to driving and long periods of nothingness.

I took Mother Routes to her annual doctor check-up. So that was three hours of sitting and waiting and moving offices and sitting and waiting and moving offices and standing and waiting and waiting and waiting...


It was okay though because I had Howl's Moving Castle to read. The book so far is a really sweet story, but I'm finding the fantasy element of the book hard to read. The same thing happened with The Phantom Tollbooth.

Eh, I'll finish it soon. It isn't very long, but the chapters are. After reading Dan Brown books and Big Fish, I'm so used to quick and concise chapters. I'll deal.

Then, while I was relaxing at the computer, coping with my 4 hours of sleep the night before... I got a call from Father Routes. Turns out that his car died somewhere near Irvine and he needed me to pick him up. So I drove all the way down there and after getting lost a few times, I finally found him standing with his business partner Antonio.

Well... it so turns out that they were headed to a business meeting/lecture/presentation somewhere in Corona and I was being dragged to it. So when we got there, it was very awkward eating dinner at a stranger's house, but I was a gentleman. Then we started the presentation and it turns out that it so happens to be a big recruitment campaign for a pyramid business thing where we'd have to sell some herbal supplements (or buy and use and spread the word) and easily earn big bucks. Sound too good to be true?

Four hours later, after the lecture became focused around me (being a Business graduate and a young entrepreneur) I was hoping so hard that we'd end it already and finally we did. I don't know if I buy what they were saying. Sure they're rich and stuff, but it just seemed like something fishy was going on. So I don't think it's right to get involved with this thing, but whatever my dad whatever.

So yeah, quite possibly the saddest, most uneventfully dull, wasteful days I've ever lived.

...and waiting...