Thursday, February 05, 2004

Less Relaxing -- More Taxi-ing

Hola mis amigos.

Today I spent the morning as a veritable taxi cab. Mother Routes took the day off of work today to help my aunt, Oh Suzanna, out around the house. So I was the taxi cab that drove her to my aunt's house. Then we picked up Oh Suzanna's mother-in-law so that she could have lunch with us. Then I took her mother-in-law back home later in the day... thus, a taxi cab. It was no problem though. I was happy to help.

Before I left there to hang out with friends, I helped harvest some oranges and lemons from Oh Suzanna's trees in the backyard. While trying to cut an out-of-reach orange down with scissors, I caught my pinky between the two handle sides and pinched it hard. A bubble formed on the end of my finger and started to fill with blood. It feels weird. Very hurty. I was whining about it for a while, but decided to tuf it out. Between you and me though, I'm still whining.

In other news, I'm just about done with Angels & Demons. I just have the denouement left to read and it looks like there's one final twist coming. The book was full force intensity from the beginning, but somewhere near the end of the second act, the flow tapered off. It was probably just a dead point in the book, but it seemed like the writing got sloppy or wouldn't get to the point and that made me really annoyed to read through it. But after those couple of chapters and a night's rest, it got good again. (It was probably just my mood yesterday night. I was feeling a bit antsy and annoyed by Celebrity Mole... this season is just terrible!) But the book is still really really nicely written, intense as hell, and "unputdownable."

And finally, I have my WDW pictures developed, but I'm holding off on posting them till I get a few reprints developed from Erico Suave's film negatives. So, it's coming. It's coming.

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