Saturday, February 14, 2004

Where in the World is RickyRoutes?

Just some news to drop. I know I still don't have the Walt Disney World Route posted (still waiting on a couple of pictures, but it's just about ready to launch), but I've got plans coming up...

Firstly, Erico Suave's birthday is next Wednesday... so in honor of that, we're going to Las Vegas baby! My first time gambling! When I was under 21, I always told myself that I'd go to Vegas right after I turn 21, but no one would go with me (okay, people were willing, but plans never materialized... till now). Hooray! I'll have a Highlights picture up from Vegas and of course a nifty trip report in the form of a blog.

We're staying at the Monte Carlo and also seeing Zumanity (Cirque du Soleil) while down there. Hopefully I can win big and leave this wretched boring life for good! Just kidding.

Also, Ellvin Kelvin suggested out of the blue that I visit him during his spring break so he can show me around New York. So, I asked my parents and they were happy to send me. So I'll be spending a week down there early March and you can bet I'll be taking massive pictures while there (with a digital camera this time so the picture-to-Route turnaround time won't be very long).

In other news, I bought the rest of Dan Brown's novels Digital Fortress and Deception Point. I'll be reading those as soon as I'm done with Howl's Moving Castle.

And lastly, today is Ellvin Kelvin's birthday!!! Wish him happy birthday if you see him!

It's also Granny M's chinese birthday! Wish her happy birthday if you see her!

And it's Valentine's Day! Happy that people.

Looking for a new album to listen to,