Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I Knew I Hated Simon Cowell

So I watched that god awful and annoyingly slow show last week and this week (Cupid) so that I could see myself at the beach and what do they show? A minute of beach footage. Let's see. They spent forever digging in the sand (while we were behind the cameraman) and then they looked at dolphins. Then they cut to them drying off after swimming in the ocean. Great. Just great. That's when we would have gotten on TV. But no, this show is racist against Indians and Asians.

Oh well, good riddens to that. I don't have to watch that dreck any longer. Now if only I can find that damn X Games commercial we're in.

In other news, yesterday I spent the evening watching K-mart in her variety show performance. It was nice. Make sure you check out the coverage.

After the thing, we walked to Denny's where Razor Ramon was treating us all to dinner. And thank God because I hadn't eaten ANYTHING all day. Well because everyone and their moms decided to go to Denny's after the show, they were swamped with orders and only one waitress. So, needless to say, we waited about an hour and a half for our food. That sucked. And so did the food!

I wanted the Grand Slam but with hashbrowns. In the past, I've been told to just get a Grand Slam Slugger because that is a Grand Slam with a side of hashbrowns. But when my order came, I got toast instead. Big Fat SUCK IT!

Anyway, I'm totally in love with rocking out to the new Eve6 album. It's amazingly awesome.

Stocking my self help bookshelf,