Friday, August 01, 2003

We're an Absolutely Normal Thing

For someone who doesn't weigh much at all, I sure haven't been eating much lately. There's never anything to eat in this house, so when I went to Samarai House for some grub today, imagine my delight. But alas, with delight came disappointment.

Samarai House (Puente Hills Mall) changed their teriyaki chicken. Instead of a clean chicken breast sitting under a heat lamp and then chopped up finely and covered in great teriyaki sauce, we now have a clumpy piece of chicken bathing in teriyaki sauce which isn't that great. Well, I was disappointed. I always felt that they had the best teriyaki (much better than overrated Tokyo Lobby). Now I guess I'll have to get my teriyaki fix from Japan.

Anyway, I was at the mall because Timotei and I wanted to watch American Wedding. The movie overall was really good. I am really pleased at the way they ended the trilogy and I have always loved the movies for their mix of slapstick humor, heart, and boobs. Some minor complaints: the movie's soundtrack was horrible (all the audio sounds far away or muffled) and the editing was very choppy (scenes would just end and cut right to another scene. It felt very messy).

But no one goes to American Pie movies for the editing, right?

Going to boom boom with the bride's maids,