Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Mind Slip

Wow, this blogger thing kinda just slipped my mind. I've been so busy lately, I guess I just plum forgot.

Anyway, Saturday was the big party for Ellvin Kelvin's going away. It was pretty fun, but Ellvin Kelvin wasn't present 40% of the time. Good food. Good friends. Good times.

Then on Sunday we went to my mom's aunt's birthday party. That was pretty cool too. They had fresh fried fish with sweet and sour sauce and bok choy and other stuff.

Then on Monday Timotei, K-Mart, S-Dawg, R-Man, Agent J, Lindz, Cat, Missy Elliott Girl, Rionheart, and I went to Disneyland. The mission was to get the last two autographs from the Moto X X Games Xperience. We got that and then spent the rest of the day at the parks. We did a lot of stuff. We rode Screamin', Maliboomer, Grizzly River Run, Tuck and Rolls, Pirates, Mansion, Pooh, and Big Thunder Mountain.

I ran into my dear dear friend from Fantasyland Patty McCakes (14th picture down) and she hooked all of us up with "great" seating for Fantasmic! That was incredibly cool. They were great seats with a great view. We went over to City Hall at the end of the night to leave her compliments. Thanks again Patty!

And one last thing. I'm still on call for jury duty, so pray for me.

Okay, there we go. You're all caught up. Tomorrow, Freaky Friday opens and I've been reading a ton of good reviews, so I'll probably figure something out.

X Games Los Angeles in 11 days!

Rushing through these life updates,