Friday, July 18, 2003


I didn't want to post through all of last week because I was terrified of my Thursday presentation, but it was not that bad.

Next week starts the nervous frets all over again when I have my final group presentation on Wednesday and then final exam on Friday.

Then... I'M TRULY DONE!!!

But let's not count our eggs now before they're fertilized.

Angel Wing Jasmine and I went to Disney's California Adventure again yesterday. It was our weekly trip to get more Moto X autographs. I'll have a mini Route on our adventure up soon. What's kinda depressing is that it was Disneyland's birthday yesterday and we didn't even go to Disneyland! Isn't that f-ed up???

Nothing really exciting going on at the parks until Tower of Terror opens. Then, after I get bored of that, who knows.

On a nerdy note, I just saw some other guy's blogger and he had pictures on it. I wonder how he did that...

Okay, it's off to the beach today for some rollerblading, kite flying, boogie boarding fun. See you down in Santa Monica if you're there!

Ripe for a sunburn,