Monday, July 14, 2003

Holy frijoles!

Wow, I'm already letting this blogger thing slide.

Okay time for an update. I am almost done with Spanish class. Right now, I'm really just focusing on completing this thing. I still have my presentation to do this Thursday and I couldn't be shotting more bricks. I'm worried to say the least.

And here's a detail you don't wanna hear... Every morning right before class, I find that I have to take an enormous dump. So during class, I'm always shifting in my seat.

But anyway!

This weekend was about as unproductive as a mule on a changing table.

I helped my dad on Saturday at the apartments. We grouted bathroom tiles. I hope to never get that close to a poop chute again (especially in the heat. It stinks like a mule on a changing table). Anyway let me tell you that grouting looks like more fun on Trading Spaces than it really is in real life. Plus, it was heating up in that damn bathroom.

Then on Sunday, we had a crab party at Lisa's. My mom made 20 pounds of crab and we all had a crackin'ly good time. But not I, for I had 2 papers to write for spanish. Curse my procrastinatory ways.

Anyway, I be too hot to think or do anything right now. Maybe I'll head to the beach with a friend.

Dehydrated in not that high temperatures,