Friday, July 18, 2003

Cupid Strikes and Simon Cowell Still Sucks

Two updates in the same day, you say???

Yeah I'm pretty shocked myself, but I just gotta post this.

So Angel Wing Jasmine and I went to the beach for a fun filled day.

We first went rollerblading down the pier for an hour. It was really fun.

Then we decided to go boogie boarding, but because it was so cold, we thought we'd just wade around in the water for a bit. When we found our spot, we saw a camera crew filming people building a sand castle. At first glance, I thought it was something for the Travel Channel. It was no biggie. After much deliberation, we jumped in the water and moved out into deep waters. We were jumping waves and having fun.

(Please remember that I haven't gone swimming in over 5 years or so!)

After we were attacked by much seaweed, an hour later, we decided to head back. When we got back to shore, we were immediately approached by an African American fellow. He was carrying a clip board, so I thought he was trying to peddle off some useless products. Fortunately, he said that he was from the show "Cupid" created by Simon Cowell from American Idol. He said that the couple brought their date to Santa Monica beach and that we were in the shot. So we had to sign wavers to let them use us in the show.

What a small world! So even though I hate Simon and hope his show fails, I'll be watching every Wednesday night at 10:00pm until I see myself.

By the way, watching the date was incredibly stereotypical. The couple went out into the ocean and were playing in the waves and talking. To get some juicy date dialogue, a man with a boom mic was forced to brave the waves to get the audio. The daters then swam further out to sea while the mic guy got hammered with waves. Plus, three cameras were filming the couple. It was all so Hollywood.

Okay, that's enough. I had a great time and now I'm tired. So, until next time...

Selling the sunrise in return for a sunset,