Sunday, April 04, 2004


Hey! It's 444. That's awesome! Kinda reminds me of when my little baby cousin pronounced my cousin Jennifer's name: Fer-fer-fer.

Nothing going on. I'm missing a bunch of movies I want to see because of lack of people to see it with.

And I'm reading this really depressing book by Stephen King called "The Long Walk."

It's about a marathon competition where teens walk and walk and if they don't maintain a 3 mph pace, then they get warnings. And after three warnings, they lose and are executed. Kinda like "hey, what if on a gameshow, the losing contestants were killed?" Yeah, so it's really depressing and I hope it isn't as straight forward as it seems right now. I hope we don't just go along with the contestants as they march to the finish. I hope something happens, like they rebel against the enforcers of the game because they realize they don't want to die.

Anyway, it's a pretty old book, so I'm sure some of you have read it.


Not looking forward to work tomorrow,