Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Savings? That's so unAmerican!

Hooray! I finally got my first paycheck today!

Short story: Payday was last Friday. My boss told me that the check was cut, but they didn't know where it was. Said it was probably shipped to my house. So I check the mail Friday night (of course, no luck). Saturday, no luck. Sunday, waste of time. Monday, still no luck. Tuesday at work, I checked my email and learned that HR has been sending me notices that I could have picked up my check last Friday from them. They sent another notice on Monday, but I was dumb enough not to check my email. So Tuesday, they sent one last email telling me that it will be shipped to my house since I failed to pick it up.

Anyway, I got it today and am very happy with the total. I already have plans for it too.

I'm getting an iPod. I'm a little afraid of spending so much on essentially a walkman, but I figure I listen to enough music to make it worth it (and I haven't purchased a cool gadgetty gimmick lately).

So, those are my plans. I know I should put my money into savings, but oh well. I can't be expected to grow up just yet. Screw that!

Anyway, work's good. It's kinda fun and the hours pass by pretty quickly, but it drains me. And the trains smell.

Shopping spreefully,