Thursday, April 08, 2004

A Long Blog

Actually not long at all.

Just want to mention that I finished "The Long Walk" today. It was my book-for-the-train book and it was pretty good. Actually I liked it more than I let on because it had a lot of good conversation in the book and a lot of interesting situations during the walk. It didn't pan out as I had hoped in my last blog entry. It was a straight forward book that kept with the Walkers till the gruesome end. But I think I liked it this way. It was more of a psychological story rather than an action adventure (as it would have been if the Walkers rebelled).

Anyway, I do recommend it however. I think Stephen King captures the right mood that all the characters face in the book. And the things they talk about are really fascinating and depressing, but interesting to say the least. It's a rather shocking and mature book and I think it's a metaphor for life/growing old in general.

Now I need a new book. And I'm getting tickets to plenty of musical shows coming to LA so I'm pretty stressed right now... but pumped!

Trudging on,