Sunday, April 11, 2004

It's a Damn Mile Long Hike to Agent J's New Room

Serious exaggerations to follow!

Yesterday we helped Agent J's family move into their brand spankin' new house!

My god. There were some heavy boxes and furnature to get into that house. A narrow stairway leads upstairs to Agent J's room and after taking 10 boxes up there (FULL OF BOOKS!) you start realizing how Ray Garraty felt in "The Long Walk."

I'm so sore right now, but that feeling feels good, so I'm not whining too much. But with only two days for myself (in a workman's exsistence), I'm saddened that one day was spent doing extra hard work. But it was cool.

In cooler news, my iPod order is all sent out. Yesterday I spent the time in my head thinking of what to engrave on the back of it (because it comes free if you order now). It was a hard decision, but I finally picked the right thing to put. And... yes, it's a Rufio quote.

Trudging still,