Friday, May 11, 2007

Week in Review

I've been away for so long, not necessarily anywhere, just away somewhere. Many times I've sat down to write one of these, only to walk away with nothing on paper. But this time is different because, well, I've handcuffed myself to this chair and swallowed the key.

Story The First:
We went to the worst (and I don't want to say "worst" because describing a wedding banquet as such is very rude, but better words escape me at the moment) wedding banquet last weekend. It was for Mother Routes's cousin, so I didn't know them. Now karaoke at a party can be fun, but not at a chinese banquet. We were seated off to the side under the giant speakers and as distant relatives sang (many times off-key) chinese chant songs, we was going deaf! Really, we could not hear each other even when yelling. Aunts and Uncles were stuffing napkins in their ears. It was terrible and lasted throughout the entire meal. When we finally left, we shook hands with the bride and groom- only to find out while walking to the car that the groom was drunk and had puked behind the restaurant. Smelly hand.

Story The Second:
I love my new cellphone - Samsung u740. This is the first phone I've had that I truly loved. All my previous phones were freebies whereas this one cost me a cool $140. I'm not saying that all free phones are garbage. It's just that they're usually basic, behind-the-times models. And for a gadget freaky enthusiast like me, that ain't'nt cut it.

So this phone is awesome. It's a dual flip design; standard phone mode and sideways landscape mode for widescreen text viewing. It's got a full QWERTY keypad for easy texting. It takes 1.3 megapixel photos and really crappy video. It plays .mp3s. It's got a tip calculator! I cannot stop fiddling around with it. I've already figured out how to make my own ringtones (I'm currently on a Zelda theme) and convert videos for pixelated phone viewing. It's a nice alternative to the iPhone which I can't get until they come to Verizon.

Story The Third:
Spiders have been invading my room lately. I thought I had the situation handled when I plugged in a vermin deterrent. Yet now I'm finding a lot of those buggers on my ceiling.

Story The Fourth:
Work is going pretty well. I'm definitely an important part of the department now. The project I lead was introduced and is a pretty big hit (interest wise). I'm heading up another mini project right now.

Story The Fifth:
After maybe 10 years or whatever, I finally get to go on vacation with the family! Really, I've missed all the family outings the past several years due to school or work. But not this time! We're all headed to New York for Ellvin Kelvin's graduation!

Story The Sixth:
On the television front, LOST rules again. It's been so great. Scrubs is still good, but been a bit off this season. 24 sucks. It's so interesting how things can suddenly flip [much like my new phone].

Story The Seventh:
I can't wait to see Ratatouille. It looks awesome. I want to do a midnight show.

Story The Eighth:
I do not agree with Maxim's Hot 100 #1. Lindsay Freakin' Lohan can suck a stemcell fetus.

Out of Stories,