Saturday, May 19, 2007

YouTube Boob

I'm such a dork. I've bought into the YouTube craze. Sure I use it to host my video blogs (I know, there've been like only two, maybe one). But I mainly use it to present the world with Ouendan/Elite Beat Agent videos. While I was browsing videos for Ouendan, I noticed that no one was showing the hilarious "miss" moments. Everyone just wanted to showcase their perfect S-ranks and such. Realizing I am not the best Ouendan player (my unhealthy philosophy is that there's always someone better than you at something), I opted to take the unique approach and showcase my forced assumed sucktitude.

As I was doing these videos, I realized that it's really tough to get each "miss" sequence and still pass the level. But in doing these, I've been commended on my skills. It's great.

After posting a few videos, I started gaining subscribers and now I'm trapped into doing these until my hands falls off. But it's fun doing them because I love the games so much and it's refreshing reading the comments (most of them appreciative).

Anyway, Ouendan 2 just came out this past Thursday. It's awesome. And here are some videos from my YouTube account: