Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Four More Years of B U _ _ S H _ _

Well, I didn't think there was anyone with a lower IQ than Bush, but apparently 51% of the United States population proved me wrong.

I hope those people are all happy with their decision to be ignorant and turn their backs to what this terrible president has done. I hope they like the war and the fact that more and more soldiers will not be coming home. I hope they enjoy the ever increasing gas prices and national debt. I hope they spend their short term tax returns gleefully today since there will be no funds for the future. I sincerely hope we all get through the next four years with our jobs. I'm still in shock that a president whose leadership has lost millions of jobs can spin the info to favor him (1 million more jobs in the past few months!) and PEOPLE EAT IT UP!

I've heard around people saying that we'll have more terrorist attacks if Kerry is in office. Bu**sh**. Can they prove that we are completely safe from terrorist attacks with Bush still in office? NO! Because no matter what we do, we aren't completely safe from attack.

I noticed something during the debates. John Kerry would tell everyone what they wanted to hear. He was hopeful, reassuring the voters that he had "a plan" for just about everything. It was calming. Then there was Bush and Cheney who used scare tactics to frighten people into voting against change. And it worked. Terror does indeed influence people. It works for terrorists too. There's something seriously wrong with that.

Bush said in his speech today that he would work hard to earn the trust and support of those who voted for Kerry. Sure, he had four years to do that. Once a liar, always a liar. Wake me up when it's 2008.

Looking forward to stem cell research and cloning,

Political Joe