Saturday, November 06, 2004

Action and Action!

Ever get asked "What's your favorite movie?"

I get that sometimes and I honestly had no response to it. Because, you know, there are a lot of movies that I consider my favorite. Scream, The Iron Giant, Harry Potter, etc. But I now have the "favorite movie" question answered. And it is by far, hands down, The Incredibles.

It probably comes as no surprise. I've been anticipating and pushing this movie on my blog for a while and I had the highest of high expectations for the film. And really, it exceeded them completely! This movie has it all. Hilarious? Check. Thrilling? Check. Stunning? Check. Emotionally satisfying? Check.

Honestly, I can't remember having this much fun at the movies. Let's see. I'm trying to remember and nope, never had this much fun. I was literally at the edge of my seat lost in the picture. Wait till you see Dash running across the jungle chased by flying robots and how that ends is quite simply astonishing.

The crowd I saw it with helped propel the movie also. You could feel the excitement in the air amongst the crowds of USC, UCLA and Pepperdine students. It was a giant party and was flippin' amazing.

Anyway, I went and bought the soundtrack from the movie yesterday and also stopped by Toys R Us to see what kind of toys they had. I browsed through them and ended up buying two "Incredibiles" (Mr. Incredible's car). Both at $20 each. I'll probably get a bunch of action figures too. I haven't been on a toy frenzy like this since Toy Story came out.

So, to sum everything up. Favorite movie of all time. Must see it again and again really soon. Please let there be a sequel done with Pixar.

In awe,