Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sympathy Please

Did anyone see the Smallville where Lana as a witch put a spell on Lex to never stop playing the piano and when Clark went to visit him, Lex had been playing some classical piece non-stop and the ivory keys were all bloody from his fingers?

That's how I feel right now. Bloody fingers on a bloody keyboard.

For the past few days, my computer had been acting up on me. It would usually take up to 3 tries just to start up properly. Damn Windows PC crap. This happens every year or so. Bottom line is I had to reformat my computer and reinstall EVERYTHING.

That shouldn't be such a big deal since everything can be backed up and easily reinstalled, but when you throw iTunes into the mix... well, it sucks. I've been reading around the net and there really is no way to 100% positively and easily duplicate one iTunes Library (complete with play counts and ratings) to another computer.

The best way I found was to use a program called iPodRip which successfully retrieved my play counts and ratings, but it screwed up all my song names (not all the words are capitalized like I like it).

So I spent 3 hours of my Sunday retyping the song names of my 1700 songs in my iTunes Library. Now my fingers bloody hurt.

Did anyone catch The Simpsons "premiere" today (not counting the Treehouse of Horror)? It had maybe two laughs. Not a strong start, but I have faith.

Angel Wing Jasmine and I are making plans to go to Disneyland (like the glory days) in December. Because I'm embarrassed about my house and how it's really messy and stuff, she's going to get a hotel/ticket deal at the Red Roof Inn right next to the resort. So she's going to stay for 4 days with a park hopper and I will hang out with her for two days (a Saturday and Sunday) where I will buy myself a cheap annual pass. Princess Karlita and I are supposed to go with Erico Suave around Thanksgiving. I'm really excited. I haven't been to the parks since June. I miss this feeling of being excited about Disneyland. I lost it after working there and then having an annual pass and going once every two weeks, but not going there for a long while (yeah, 5 months... big deal) has brought that excited feeling back.

And one last thing. Ellvin Kelvin comes back for Thanksgiving on Wednesday! And Mario Power Tennis rules! And Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater comes out Thursday! And the Iron Giant Special Edition DVD comes out Tuesday!

Thinking about getting a Mac,