Saturday, November 15, 2008

Check 1 2 3 - We Got Traffic on the West Side

I. Am. Pissed.

I tried to get out to The Block in Orange to see Bolt with Erico Suave. However, fires happened.

Suddenly we are surrounded by fires! The whole world is burning before our eyes. And watch, the religious freaks will say that the fires are a result of God's anger towards all the anti-Prop 8 protests.

I went with Erico Suave to help protest Prop 8 last week in Laguna Beach. It felt really good exercising my Freedom of Speech rights. I really wanted to go to a protest today in Los Angeles, but couldn't find anyone to go with.

Not that I would have gotten there anyway with all the freeway closures! Sheesus Cripes!

So I first got stuck trying to get down to my folk's place to drop Timotei off. The 60 freeway was jammed, so we took surface streets-- along with everyone else and their mom. It took about an hour.

Then, with the 57 freeway shut down due to Brea fires, I attempted to go up Fullerton Road all the way into Brea and then into Orange.

But it took me 40 minutes to drive about 2 miles towards Fullerton Road. Once I had the street in sight, of course it was backed up. So I tried to jump ahead by going parallel to Fullerton and then cut across Colima Road. But that street was even more jammed. Realizing that I would be sitting on that street for another 40 minutes before even starting my way up Fullerton (which was even uglier), I surrendered. I called up Erico Suave and cancelled plans and drove to the folks' home.

And then I had trouble cancelling my online purchase. I told them that I could not get to the theater if I tried because of all the freeway closures and the fire. They told me that in order to cancel online ticket orders, I had to present my credit card in person at the theater. WHAT THE FIRE???

I bitched at them and after being passed up two levels of management, some lady said that she could try to credit my account by phone. Of course, she was able to, if you can charge over the phone you can refund. Stupid shitches! I will never buy from again. If they hadn't refunded me my $13.50, I would have bitched to AMC Corporate anyway and they would have done whatever to make me happy. I would have won either way, so I wasn't worried. But the gall. Go down to the theater to process a refund... such a retarded rule. And I hate using the word retarded. But it was seriously retarded.

Oh well, I can do a P90X workout now.

Calming down and relaxing,