Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pattern Saturday

Welcome to the routine. Seems like Saturday is Blog Day for me.

Well, I'll take this opportunity to get something off my chest.

I've been taking a lot of heat for being an Apple computer user and it's all from the same kind of people... PC loving dorks who have never used a Mac. I get pokes calling my iBook a "toy" and that it's not a real computer. Hi, dumbass. It does just about everything a PC can do, but looks and feels twenty times better. Plus, it's forty times easier to use. People think that just because it's easier to use, means it's less powerful. Bullshit. Everything's just more intuitive. The only thing Macs don't do well is games which means nothing to me since I let Nintendo handle that. Computer use is fun and smooth with OS X. Utilizing Expose to easily get around open windows and a wealth of keyboard shortcuts have me flying through my everyday computing with amazing fluidity. These features are things that I can't imagine living without. At work, I hate using that stupid Dell machine because it's slow and Windows is clunky. Yeah, Microsoft will copy Apple with Vista, but I'm content with Apple.

Just the other day, Razor Ramon gave his reason for not liking Apple: "You have to keep buying expensive software." Another perfect example of people not knowing what the heck they're talking about because they refuse to take the time to learn about the alternatives. Sure Apple releases updates to their software packages (iLife each year... OS upgrades every two years), but they aren't forcing me to upgrade. If I want the new features they've added to iPhoto or iMovie, then I'll pay for them. It's no different from other companies, like Adobe. Upgrades equal return buyers. The thing about Microsoft is that they let you sit on their OS until they're incredibly obsolete. Apple upgrades often, keeping up with advancing and innovative technology. Who wouldn't want their software companies to continually improve themselves?

He could have brought up a valid complaint about Apple with their expensive hardware. $150 for their webcam is ridiculous (although it does work very well, easily, and integrated with many programs).

It's stupid really. I'm just trying to live life using a Mac and people who I guess are threatened for some reason or another have to open their mouths and talk down to me. I mean, who the hell is in a position to say which system is better? I for one have used a PC forever (and still do at work) and know for a fact that OS X on Macs is the superior system. That's fact. And unless those PCers step off their high horse for one minute and get to know life on a Mac, they'll never know what their missing. And their opinions will never matter. And they'll continue to be bathed in viruses and spyware (or their equally annoying anti software).

Enjoy your security flaw patches, fools.