Saturday, January 21, 2006

Same Ol' Story

Yet another week goes by and again I've nothing to talk about. No stories in particular. No tales from work. No news on life. No tips o' the week. Just nada.

I suppose I could scrounge up something to chat about.

Let's see. Ah, last week I asked my boss if I could take a week off to go to New York and he happily approved. He said that it's important to take some time off (as long as I'm not looking for another job in New York hehe). And yesterday, I solidified the plans by making flight reservations. We're (Timotei, Samantha Wu, and myself) flying JetBlue late April. We'll be staying with Ellvin Kelvin natch. And we already have tickets to see both Wicked and the brand new Tarzan musical (which features aerial choreography ala Cirque du Soleil). I'm pretty excited about that. I also plan to see the new Wedding Singer musical starring one of my favorite comedians Stephen Lynch.

In other tidbits, I'm about ready to remove my wisdom teef. I'm actually really anxious to get them taken out. They've been irritating the sides of my cheeks and my gums for a while now. I will be requesting that I be gassed so that I won't feel a damn thing.

But, other than those plans, it's just the same old. I'm still playing on my DS furiously. Animal Crossing is still sucking up my time and I just bought Electroplankton, Polarium, Bust-a-Move DS, and Viewtiful Joe. At this rate, I'll probably never play these games. But first things first... I gotta complete the lawyer game!

Needing a jump start,