Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Is This Anyway to Start a New Year?

I had every intention to start the new year off with a new blog; you know, on January first with the hoopla and the hollerin' and the oom-pah-pah, but alas, I didn't have time.

You see, back in December, I won two free tickets to a Laker game on New Year's Day. I decided that Father Routes and Timotei should go since they're big Laker fans. I enjoy watching the Lakers play... when they're in the finals, but I'm not necessarily an avid fan. Anyway, news came on Friday that Kobe wasn't going to be playing because the idiot was suspended, so Father Routes decided not to go (since they were gonna lose anyway). So I ended up taking the ticket.

I wanted to go to our big family New Year's party, but we couldn't let the Premium VIP seats go to waste.

So I went. This was the first time I'd ever been inside Staples Center and although it felt smaller than I pictured, it was still an impressive venue. Very nice that it glows green too.

Well, before the game, Timotei and I pigged out on nachos and sodas and ice cream. The seats were awesome. Center court, not too high up. The only thing that bugged me was this really flaming guy who was yapping to some associates about marketing throughout the entire game.

In the end, the Lakers sucked and they lost. The game was pretty close, but the Lakers were always down like loo-hoo-sers. We stayed until the final 20 seconds and beat most of the traffic out of Staples. Then we raced to the party where people were already leaving. Oh well.

The next day, I woke up at 3pm and watched some movies. I've still got this horrible horrible cough. Mr. Sick just won't seem to let me go, that bitch! I guess being out in the rain didn't help my cold recovery one bit.

Well, I'm really tired.