Thursday, November 13, 2003

And He said that it shall rain for 1 Afternoon and 1 Night

Yesterday was the first really harsh lightning storm in a while that I can remember and it was damn cool.

At first I was just watching TV and heard a huge ka-boom! that scared the living dump out of me. That was when I realized, hey, it's a lightning/thunder storm!

So I ran to the living room and opened the curtains to our large window and sat there with Timotei's digital camera and took some short videos hoping to catch a nice strike. I got two good strikes. Lightning is so fascinating. I'm not that big a fan of thunder however. Too blood curtling.

So it was pretty slow yesterday, and Smallville sucked, so, I'm left to do nothing once again. I'm listening to Dashboard Confessional at the moment and slowly working on learning Macromedia Flash. It's a slow process. Give me a break.

Next film I'm dying to see is Big Fish. And the Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban trailer is freakawesome!

Never striking the same key twice,